Videos: The ten athletes who endorse the least healthy food -- including Peyton Manning

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This season, there's been nary a discouraging word said about Broncos QB Peyton Manning, who's on one of the most spectacular runs in NFL history. But the medical journal Pediatrics is an exception to this rule. A new study just shared in the publication evaluates athlete endorsements in food marketing to determine in part the stars pitching the least healthy stuff -- and Manning finishes very, very high in the rankings. Count down the top ten below, complete with videos of the hypsters in action, plus details and the complete report.

The study's authors, Kelly D. Brownell, Marie A. Bragg, Swati Yanamadala, Christina A. Roberto and Jennifer L. Harris, looked at one-hundred professional athletes selected on the basis of Business Week's 2010 Power 100, which ranks athletes "according to their endorsement value and prominence in their sport." Then they separated out the food endorsements, with the nutritional qualities of each detrmined by using either a nutrient profiling index or, when it came to beverages, the percentage of calories generated by added sugar.
LeBron James taking a McDonald's break.
Their findings? "79 percent of the 62 food products in athlete-endorsed advertisements were energy-dense and nutrient-poor, and 93.4% of the 46 advertised beverages had 100% of calories from added sugar."

The study features a number of different tables breaking down what the authors consider to be the worst offenders when it comes to supporting comparatively unhealthy products. Below, we're focusing on the one labeled "Athlete Endorsement Ranking," which orders the top ten by index score. The explanation reads: "The lowest index score indicates that the athlete has the highest Power 100 ranking, the highest number of advertisements
and food endorsements, and the highest percentage of food endorsements compared with other endorsements. The lowest index score also indicates that the food endorsed was the least healthy in the sample."

Here's the countdown, followed by a look at the athlete-endorsement-ranking table and the full report.

Number 10: Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers

Food products endorsed: Glaceau (Vitaminwater), McDonald's, Powerade
Index value: 100.0

Number 9: Apolo Anton Ohno, speed skater

Food products endorsed: Coca-Cola, America's Milk Processor, Nabisco (Oreos)
Index value: 90.7

Continue to keep counting down the ten athletes who endorse the least healthy food -- including Peyton Manning.

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Bob Miller
Bob Miller

Peyton needs to dump the fake food ads, just play ball.

Joe Bruno
Joe Bruno

Great investment knowing pot was going to be legal too:p

Damon Medina
Damon Medina

I's no secret it's all about the Benjamins $$$ Money talks B.S. walks.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Oh, snap! Has anyone stuck a microscope up the 100 richest pediatricians' asses to find out how their sh-- smells?

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