Photos: The ten best neckbeards in history versus Andrew Luck

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Big photos below.
Colts QB Andrew Luck faces a big challenge this weekend, when he faces off against the Broncos' Peyton Manning in PM's first game in Indianapolis since leaving for Denver. But Luck may have an even harder time when it comes to earning a place of honor when it comes to the ten best neckbeards in history.

Yes, young Andrew's got impressive facial hair. But he clearly has a ways to go before he can compare to the all-time greats of neckbeards (and maybe football, too). Count down our top ten below. It's hair-raising!

Number 10:

Richard Wagner

The 19th Century German composer is known for dramatic masterworks such as The Ring of the Nibelung -- and his neckbeard was every bit as epic as his music. In this painting, it looks like an animal pelt repurposed as a chin strap. So luxuriant!

Number 9:

Peter Cooper

The Wikipedia page for Cooper (1791-1883) lists him as an "American industrialist, inventor, philanthropist and candidate for President of the United States" -- and it's shocking to believe a majority of voters in this great nation didn't want a guy with facial hair like this to lead them. His beard's so bushy that it would probably have worked as a safety device -- like an air bag for the face.

Continue to keep counting down our picks for the ten best neckbeards in history.

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whoa whoa where is Kyle Orton neck beard. That dude had a nasty one when he was with the Bears.

Dave Mayer
Dave Mayer

Nice list, but Chicago-era Orton would have won the NFL division of a neckbeard contest.

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