Video: Post reporter sees Christopher Lucki's hate crime against anti-discrimination official

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Big photos, video below.
Christopher Lucki's moniker definitely doesn't apply to his current problems with the law.

Not only has he been accused of a bias-motivated crime, but the victim of his alleged actions is an official charged with fighting discrimination. And to make matters even worse from his perspective, a Denver Post reporter saw him do it and shot a video afterward of him admitting it -- although when asked to identify himself, he declared, "Motherfucker's my name." See the clip and get details below.

Lucki's Facebook page doesn't feature any material speaking to overt prejudice -- just typically random updates and occasional shots of hot girls interspersed with images of himself like this one.

However, the allegations described in an arrest affidavit on view below suggest issues with folks boasting a certain complexion and facial features and/or mental-health challenges.

At about 1:40 p.m. on August 28, the report says Sunila Tomas-George was sitting on a wall outside the Sheridan Hotel on the 16th Street Mall when she suddenly felt a blow to her head that knocked her to one side. She also heard a man, later identified as Lucki, screaming and yelling that she was a terrorist and an "Afghan" who was "out to get us."

Not exactly. Tomas-George, of Indian and Lebanese descent, is actually the commissioner for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination; she was in Denver to attend a conference on related topics. The affidavit references a page devoted to her on the World Unity website that includes this photo....
...and the following description:
Sunila Thomas-George was appointed as a Commissioner for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) in November, 2007 by Governor Deval Patrick. As a Commissioner, Ms. Thomas-George is responsible for the administration, adjudication, and education of civil rights matters for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

She serves as the Investigating Commissioner on a majority of the investigative cases filed at the Commission and holds public hearings on cases found to have probable cause. She is certified as a trainer in areas of discrimination and sexual harassment, and also mediates cases for the Commission. She also serves as a faculty presenter in many seminars and panels with the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) and is a frequent guest speaker with many of the local and state Bar Associations.

Ms. Thomas-George also serves on the Advisory Board for the South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston (SABA GB). Ms. Thomas-George is the recipient of the 2001 Manuel Carballo Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Service and received the 2004 Executive Branch Award for Excellence in Government Legal Services.

Given Tomas-George's background and status, Lucki was obviously in deep trouble by that point. And his luck would deteriorate from there.

Continue for more about the Christopher Lucki case, including a photo, a video and the arrest affidavit.

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He looks mentally ill; I agree, that "145 days" comment is so random and nonsensical it just has to be a paranoid delusion.  He doesn't need to be in prison/jail, he needs to be in the hospital getting some help.  What he did was inexcusable, but in some twisted way it probably made sense inside his sick mind--he needs some intensive help.  Let's fund better mental health care, people!!


I also had the displeasure of knowing Mr LuckY in the past. He has always been paranoid impulsive and abusive to those around him. He is mebtslly ill


The clue to this is the statement 'she has been stalking me for 145 days'.  He is clearly mentally ill and paranoid.  


professional Islamophobes 
carefully distanced themselves from allegations of 'racism' by repeating
the mantra that "Islam isn't a race"... all while they attack Arabs,
Iranians, Pakistanis and pretty much anyone with brown skin and a "funny
sounding" name.

Of course, anyone with eyes and even a modicum of common sense could
see that they were simply using "Muslim" as if it were a racial
category. There are no shortage of quotes from the various luminaries of
the hate movement that said as much. Indeed, the entire Eurabia
movement is based on the premise of Arab/Muslim immigrants overtaking
and outbreeding white European Christians. Naturally, their less clever
(or at least, less subtle) followers have taken the same path. They will
continue to single out Muslims for attack.


I've had the dis-pleasure of knowing Mr. Lucki in my younger days. He's paranoid schizophrenic and he used to flip out on me and my friends a lot. You could never hold a job and pretty much alienated everybody in his life to where he became homeless. He's got bad mental problems.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Racism is BS behavior that needs to stop yesterday. Racism against people who "look muslim" in someone's eyes is a cultural disaster that needs to stop, and education is the key to that.

That said, so-called "hate crime" is a thought crime, which is something the left used to understand as not in itself a crime.

Finally, "Lucki" seems to be guilty of assault and battery, or battery, or felonious assault, or whatever they call it here. I'm pretty sure a jury would be pleased to give him the maximum sentence. Ironically, that won't do anybody any good as he won't be working any more if he's behind bars, so he won't be creating wealth. In addition to that, it will cost us money to incarcerate. I'd prefer to see her soak him with a civil suit, and see the people of Colorado leave it at that, thus benefitting from his continued work and not having to pay to put him behind bars.


@Cognitive_Dissident "Racism against people who "look muslim" ..."

Was the foundation of the Criminal Bu$h administration's scampaign of fear-mongering during their entire Repuglykkkan reign of terror.

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