Clayton Smith accused in hash-oil explosion that lifted roof off house, burned child

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Big photos, video below.
Way back in 2009, we posted about the risk of explosion when making butane hash oil indoors. But some people continue to do so, with sometimes disastrous results.

Example: an explosion and fire at a residence in the small town of Carr, Colorado that reportedly lifted the roof off the house and injured two men, Clayton Smith and Levi Allen, as well as a seven-year-old child who was present at the time. Get details and see both a video and Smith's arrest affidavit below.

Arguably the highest profile hash-oil-related explosion this year to date took place at a hotel in San Diego, not far from Sea World. As reported by our William Breathes on the Toke of the Town blog, the blast did about $600,000 worth of damage and seriously injured the couple in question.

An animated video produced after the incident does a pretty efficient job of describing the hash-oil-making procedure and how it can go wrong. The entire clip is below, but here's a quick graphic primer.

The process begins with finely ground marijuana being placed into a special pipe....

...after which butane is blasted through it.

The butane evaporates from the oil....

...when a container holding it is placed in hot water:

However, an explosion can occur when a spark from, say, a lit cigarette ignites the fumes.

Because of this possibility, butane hash oil is typically manufactured outside, so that the butane can dissipate harmlessly. Inside, it can collect and linger -- and when ignition occurs, the results can be ugly.

Which brings us to the incident in Carr. Here's how the police report describes what happened.

Continue for more about the hash-oil explosion, including a video and the complete arrest affidavit.

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I really do hate it when people try to involve themselves in something they actually know nothing about. I am the mother of the child who was in the house at the time of this explosion and for the most part you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you have info from the cops doesnt mean you have your facts straight. Yes doing it in the house is highly dangerous I dont not dispute that or the fact that my son should have been there, I also do not dispute that ( had I not been at work he would not have been there) But not everything that was released on the news or in public records or was release directly from the cops is true. For instances the cops shared with the news crews wrong ages, wrong locations in the house, wrong times of day, wrong number of kids in house and much more. People are blowing this out of proportion. Let it alone and find someone in your own family to talk shit about and leave me and mine out of your mouth and blog!!!!!!!!

Stephen Dryver
Stephen Dryver

For instance, the OP of the initial comment thread.


New Michael Roberts / Westweed bogus headline -- 

                 First Legal Hash-Oil Extraction Successful



Remember kids -- Stupid Stoners Are as Stupid Stoners Do!

Prepare to get REGULATED you clueless bong-sucking imbeciles, you earned it!

Only Greedy Big $$ Dispensarys are allowed to make hash oil, they lobbied the legislature to continue FELONY charges against their primary competition -- individual private users/growers.

These kids have been charged with MULTIPLE FELONIES, including Drug Manufacture, Arson and Child Endangerment. And the absent LANDLORD has been charged with a FELONY for allowing these fools to use her property for their crimes.

How's that "A64 legalization" that falsely promised to "reduce 10,000 arrests annually" working out for you now?

Aaron LeForce
Aaron LeForce

If you blast oil inside or purge it on a gas stovetop you are a fucking idiot. You don't have to be a rocket appliance to make hash just can't be a retard.


Wow.  Just wow.  Couldn't you at LEAST have pointed out that it doesn't even take a cigarette in the vicinity to ignite it, that a pilot light on a stove or a water heater, or even static electricity (even OUTSIDE) can ignite butane, with disastrous results? 

BTW cigarettes don't emanate sparks. Really.

Alyssa Phelps
Alyssa Phelps

There's always gonna be the handful of idiots...


@stuka1 . did you really expect any accuracy or facts from Westweed and Michael Roberts, who's already shown his propensity to DELIBERATELY LIE and DECEIVE for editorial convenience.




@stuka1 "Oh, I forgot it also legalizes industrial hemp"

@stuka1 "A64 covers recreational use ONLY"

@stuka1 "I *ONLY* post honest facts"

@stuka1 "I retract nothing."

@stuka1 "Growing inside a GREENHOUSE is growing outdoors."

@stuka1 "Already got a greenhouse, not a problem for me. "Artificial watering" is short for no rainwater." 

@stuka1 "Greenhouses use OUTSIDE growing METHODS -- no expensive LIGHTS, no ARTIFICIAL WATERING "

@stuka1 "Did I say I use ONLY rainwater."

@stuka1 "a cube has 6 FACES X 4 SIDES = 24 SIDES" 

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