Meet Colorado reps who opposed Hurricane Sandy funds but asked for flood relief

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Scott Tipton.
Denver blog posts steer clear of disaster.

Colorado Pols: The New York Daily News goes after Colorado reps Scott Tipton, Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner and Doug Lamborn for voting against Hurricane Sandy funds but crowing when they got cash for flood relief.

Denver Urbanism's Ryan Mulligan on Eagle project progress.

Mile High Hockey's Sean Harsha previews the first Colorado Avs game under new coach Patrick Roy.


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Hmmm...all republicans...connecting dots yet?

Chris Halley
Chris Halley

Just for that, screw your flood relief. Karma bitch.

Gregg Looker
Gregg Looker

I'm just surprised Colorado still has 4 Republican Congressmen...

Emily Epstein
Emily Epstein

A lot of us nonpoliticians here in Colorado are pissed at them too.

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