Photos: Ten most unusual Denver Broncos tattoos, 2013 edition

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Big photos below.
Last year, we created a list of the top ten most unusual Denver Broncos tattoos -- and "unusual" was the nicest thing that could be said about some of them.

Although, to be honest, we loved the Broncos Elvis.

Now, with the Broncos 4-0 and looking pretty damn invincible, we took another look for orange ink -- and found plenty of memorable examples.

Check out the 2013 edition's top ten below.

Number 10:
He may bleed orange, but the skin around this tat looks mighty red....

Number 9:
Either that's steam coming out of the horse's nostrils or he's got a hella bad cold.

Continue to keep counting down our gallery of the ten most unusual Broncos tattoos, 2013 edition.

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Taryn Parker
Taryn Parker

I just got one on my butt. BRONCOS FO LIFE.


My initials are DB, so imma believe the #10 tattoo really likes me.  

What an idiot.

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