Are some voters getting more than one ballot?

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Colorado Peak Politics uses double ballots reportedly sent to a House candidate to revive the voter-fraud argument.

Colorado Pols wonders if the government shutdown fiasco has made Scott Tipton vulnerable.

Denver Frank: Dad lip-synchs his daughter's tantrum!

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WillieStortz topcommenter

I already received 2 ballots for the previous residences of my house, plus mine and the one I fill out for my wife.

This election I'm finally getting the say I deserve.

Michael Sabin
Michael Sabin

In my apartment complex, we have xtras that people just toss in the trash can by the mailboxes....Not uncommon, I would imagine if someone wanted to, they could complete them as they wished....

Natasha Schwertley
Natasha Schwertley

No. It is a made-up issue that some use to suppress actual voters.

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