Photos of the Day: Emily's Parade counters tragic school shooting with message of love

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Courtesy of the I Love You Guys Foundation
Motorcycles gather at Columbine High School.
In September 2006, a gunman took several students hostage at Platte Canyon High School -- among them Emily Keyes, who texted "I love you guys" to her family shortly before she was killed. In the years since then, Emily's Parade, a motorcycle rally and gathering to benefit the I Love You Foundation, an organization started by John-Michael Keyes, Emily's father, in her honor, has only grown in size and passion. Look below to see photos of Sunday's event, in which motorcyclists rode from Columbine High School (scene of the 1999 school shooting that shocked the nation) to PCHS, where participants gathered on a gorgeous day to remember a beautiful spirit.
Courtesy of the I Love You Guys Foundation
Participants arriving at Platte Canyon.

Courtesy of the I Love You Guys Foundation
Cheerleaders from Columbine High School took part.
Courtesy of the I Love You Guys Foundation
The Platte Canyon lot was crowded with bikes.
Continue to see more photos of Emily's Parade.

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Clifford Goose Adams
Clifford Goose Adams

Fix your website, one shouldn't have to browse several pages to see photos.

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