Reader: Gun control? We need stupid control

We recently posted about Joseph Gunderson, a Colorado Springs man who accidentally shot himself and his roommate when handling a newly purchased handgun. The topic among our commenters naturally drifted toward gun control, with a wide variety of opinions espoused. Here's one of the pithiest and most memorable.

Ian StClair writes:

Guns or otherwise...Stupid hurts. Gun control? We need stupid control. Removing all warning labels may be a good start.

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The rights of gun owners shall not be infringed.
Even if you are....
a terrorist,
a felon,
mentally insane,
totally blind or
a 4 year old child long as you are an American YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO OWN AND FIRE A WEAPON.
Citizenship and gun ownership are inextricably intertwined and protected by the Constitution.
In fact, the Constitution does not limit Americans to owning just "Guns".
Anything that can be considered "arms" is protected under the Constitution.
So government attempts to ban public ownership of
machine guns,
automatic weapons,
stinger missiles,
sawed off shotguns,
pipe bombs,
nuclear weapons,
biological weapons,
chemical weapons
....are all a violation of the Second Amendment.

Louis Cruz Jr.
Louis Cruz Jr.

If republicans have their way will be shooting each other on the streets...gun control good!! stupid people with guns bad!!! make sense...YES!!!

Natasha Schwertley
Natasha Schwertley

No one has ever talked of getting rid of the 2nd amendment. I find it especially funny how people who cry most about that happening clearly don't understand their constitutional rights.

Russ Hollar
Russ Hollar

I find it especially funny how people expect to still have a first amendment after they surrender their second. That is true stupidity. No more second rate opinion based newspapers. No more rants. Only obedience. Have fun with that.


It ain't a toy....  Darwin Award "and the winner is..........."


IQ test for all gun purchases.

Double digits means NO SALE!!


@aug1746   Uh..........Thank goodness for The Bill of Rights.  As for you,  I would like to see you relocate to Afghanistan or Pakistan.  Such a modern forward thinking place for you to settle down.  Understand there is a nice arms bazaar in Dara Adamkhel, Pakistan that would fulfill all your requirements.  You sir are a SFB!!


@Louis Cruz Jr. Judging by your sentence structure, I would guess you don't own a firearm.  GOOD!!  Now go back to bathing in and breathing Sunoco Supreme.

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