Reader: Botched police investigation means no justice for JonBenet Ramsey

Last week's release of never-acted-upon indictments of John and Patsy Ramsey in the 1996 murder of their daughter, JonBenet Ramsey, revived debate about one of the most discussed Colorado cases of all-time. But will justice ever be done? This reader has his doubts for a slew of reasons.

Mark Dillon writes:

It's called a botched police investigation. Sadly, I've seen my share. The incompetent get promoted (kinda like our govt) and allow the cycle to continue. Drove me nuts. Then add States attorneys and their ASA's have learned to pad their win versus loss by refusing to take cases that take real skill and hard work to win. It's all about those wins after all. Hell some refuse cases just because it will require actual hard work. It's a disgrace what's become of our criminal justice system. That family was F'd in the head and manipulated the system. Cash does wonderful things for the evil rich.

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davebarnes topcommenter

JonBenét and not JonBenet


The police investigation was not "botched."  There were mistakes at the crime scene by Detective Linda Arndt, police photographs not time stamped, and that's about it.  Read Chief James Kolar's book to see how thorough the police investigation was.  The case was thrown by the DA's office, refusing routine search warrants for phone records, credit card statements, stalling for years to convene a grand jury, handing over evidence to the Ramseys, doing deals with them, etc.  The DA at the time, Alex Hunter, told the Sid Wells grand jury in 1983 to "make no decision" about the guilt or innocence of Thayne Smika, a similar high profile case, where the suspect then fled, was finally indicted in 2011, and still has never been captured. 


Patsy Ramsey, not "small foreign faction"

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