Jordan Koehn: Charge against ultra-drunk, possibly suicidal student shot by cops

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Police responding to a call from a concerned mom about her possibly suicidal son wind up shooting him four times -- yet the student is facing a criminal charge?

That's the scenario in the case of Jordan Koehn, a 24-year-old CSU graduate student who pointed a gun at his own head before aiming it at officers.

See photos and get details of this extremely difficult story below.

The case is described in a decision letter (read it below) from Eighth Judicial District DA Clifford Riedel in which he found that the shooting of Koehn was justified.

A photo of Jordan Koehn from his Facebook page.
At 8:42 p.m. on September 29, according to the document, Koehn's mom called the Fort Collins Police Department from her home in Minnesota. She said she'd been contacted by her other son, who'd received a text message from Koehn "indicating he was going to kill himself."

Apparently, suicide wasn't specifically mentioned in the text, but given that Koehn had apparently threatened something similar in the past (albeit without acting on it), she felt it was important for police to check on his welfare, especially since she said he had access to guns.

Three FCPD officers were dispatched to Koehn's apartment, on the 3500 block of Stover Street, an area captured in the interactive graphic below. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Koehn's brother was at the apartment when the cops arrived. He said he was concerned because Koehn wasn't answering the door when he knocked, even though his car was there. He added that Koehn had been drinking -- something his brother described as a problem for him.

Although Koehn didn't respond to the officers' knocking, either, one of them was able to see a gun on a table and a bottle of alcohol through a window. As such, the officers contacted a maintenance man, who provided them with a key. Upon opening the door, they could see Jordan lying on the floor, with one hand out of sight -- and when they asked him to show the other one, the document says he giggled or chuckled at the command.

He subsequently showed both hands -- but the report says he then lunged for something and came up holding a semi-automatic handgun, which he put to his own head.

Continue for more about the charges against Jordan Koehn, including the decision letter regarding his shooting.

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I love you people, of course there is no fault with the drunk guy pointing a gun at the cops.


Rule #1 = NEVER call the pigs to deal with a suicidal person ...

... unless you want that person to DIE at the hands of the cowardly homicidal pigs.


When the cops start blowing away people with mental problems is it a wonder that the mental people come out and shoot everyone?

Jordan Snyder
Jordan Snyder

The man needs some assistance, maybe some therapy, someone to talk to - not punishment.


@Jordan Snyder No he must be charged, causing a cop to piddle himself is a serious crime...


@Jordan Snyder ... the only therapy violent trigger-happy cops have to offer is bullet therapy.

NEVER call the police to deal with a suicidal person, unless you want them to DIE!

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