Markie Lee Peoples busted for brutal 1995 teen rape

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The first attempt to revive the investigation took place in September 2004, when a new detective reviewed the evidence and arranged for it to be retested.

Once again, no semen was found in the victim's rape kit -- but some was detected on her underwear. Unfortunately, though, there wasn't enough markers found in the sample to create a profile for uploading to the Combined DNA Index System, shorthanded as CODIS, as of March 2005.

Over the next eight years, DNA testing continued to improve, and this past June, yet another detective tried again to create a profile -- and this time, the gear was up to the challenge. In September, the information was submitted to CODIS and quickly scored a strike with Peoples, age forty.

Thus far, a photo of Peoples has not been shared publicly, due to the ongoing investigation. But an image was shown to the victim earlier this month. She didn't recognize him from the pic, but she confirmed that she'd never had consensual sex with him.

Now, Peoples has been charged with sexual assault on a child and kidnapping. He's currently free on a $50,000 bond, but he's due back in court for a preliminary hearing late next month.

Look below to read the arrest affidavit.

Markie Lee Peoples Arrest Affidavit

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OK I am going to sound like a Dick here but This Is a bit of a linching with out Evidence.There no ID its 8  years later and all they got is a trace of semen on Underwear. They have no witnesses not even proof sex happened and ID based only on DNA thats only a Partial marker... Evidence that could been tampered with or just wrong. DNA we see it on CSI TV and think its untouchable. Its not. Its easy to get corrupted and easy to screw up. And this is from what the article says not a Real Sample But a damaged trace.. Not a full sample so it can fit a lot people.

So No evidence of bruises, no Witnesses No Confirmed ID.. No Proof of a Crime.

If the Guy Did this Castrate him. But Lets be certain he Did this. 8 years of trying to fit that Piece of DNA to a Suspect not a shock they got match but IS IT REALLY THE GUY! Was there Even a Rape? Not Saying He should not be Punished but he was Arrested with no real evidence..  And we are getting only one side. There no confession or the reporter would said so. In fact that proves there letting there personal feeling Cloud the Story. 

Told you I sound like a Dick.


Bye! Child rape sentences are some of harshest felony sentences handed down. So, this evil fool will probably be in prison until he is past retirement age.

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