Medical marijuana dispensary review: Infinite Wellness Center in Lakewood

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It didn't hit me until I drove into the cracked-concrete parking lot of the squat, brick building on Kipling that I'd been there before.

Two years ago, actually, when what is now Infinite Wellness was Green Meadows Wellness -- a dumpy shop with a skimpy selection, green kief and mid-grade meds.

Oh, how things have changed.

Infinite Wellness Center

1701 Kipling Street, Suite 104
Lakewood, CO 80214-80215

Hours: 10 a.m. to 6:50 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.
Raw marijuana price range: $7-$11/gram $20-$35/eighth-ounce, $140-$220/ounce. Members receive 10 percent off purchase.
Other types of medicine: Shatter oil, wax, CO2 oil, kief, hash, edibles, tinctures, lotions, drinks.
Online menu? Yes.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

Infinite Wellness took the drab, basement-hangout feel of the old dispensary and made it a roomy pot palace, complete with lime-green walls and shelves stocked with jars of hearty ganja harvest. I walked in and was buzzed through into the shop by an older woman at the receptionist desk who took my information and chatted me up about red-card renewals and a patient rewards program that earns you free ganja over time. Basically, prices on the buds are the same for everyone, but members earn points faster. They also get four-gram "eighths" and deals on edibles and hash through the week.

A little waiting lounge is set up just across from the front desk, with two black leather couches set around a glass coffee table and rug. To quote Walter Sobchack: "That rug really tied the room together." Once the receptionist was done with my card, I was sent over to the bud bar, where my redheaded budtender was waiting for me while another staffer helped out a second patient who'd checked in before I did.

Bud is priced in several tiers, with $20 eighths on the cheap end and $35 on the high end. All of the herb is stacked on the same shelves regardless of the price, though, so if you're price-conscious, you've got to look up and check the neon light boards hanging above the budtender's head. I asked her to stick with the sativa-dominant strains, as I'm not dealing with any pain issues lately and am mostly puffing to keep my appetite up. Jars are labeled with strain names and basic info on whether they were sativa, indica or hybrids. She easily could have just pulled out jars labeled with an "S", but my budtender was really good about talking about the qualities of everything she pulled out and where they fell on the scale between buzzy sativas and heavy indicas.

She started with a mediocre batch of Deadhead OG that didn't have the typical earthy-rubber kush aroma. But my attention was quickly taken by the chunky, frosted buds of Moby Dick in the second jar she pulled out. Then came a freshly cured batch of Jillybean, with a smell that stuck in my nose like a fresh-peeled orange in an office break room. The buds were really foxtailed and wild-looking, but slathered with amber trichomes that gave them a fuzzy appearance. The taste matched the smell in both a vaporizer and a bubbler, both of which I preferred over a regular dry pipe, as the Jillybean burned with an unexpected harshness at times. It was a racy buzz with staying power, giving me a jolt of energy in the morning that didn't taper off into the need for a nap. It also got my stomach moving around in the morning, quickly taking me from zero appetite to a second-helping breakfast. At $35, this batch did a pretty good job representing the top tier of Infinite Wellness.

Continue for the rest of the review and photos of the meds.

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