Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of September 2013

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Big photos below.
Our crime reporting during the month of September touched on everything from the bust of a new Broncos star to some startling crimes allegedly committed by unlikely people, including Isabella Guzman, seen here.

What's her story? Look below to see the twenty most memorable booking photos of the month, complete with links that will connect you to our previous coverage.

Check them out below.

Rebecca Maez.
Read more in "Photos: Jenny Kush, cannabis-scene star, killed in wrong-way crash on I-25."

Khamis Horn.
Read more in "Khamis Horn busted, bitten by police dog after trash bags of weed stolen from dispensary."

Jason Roberson.
Read more in "Jason Roberson, youth pastor and Christian musician, busted for child sex assault."

Julius Thomas.
Read more in "Julius Thomas, new Broncos star, latest local athlete busted for missing court date."

Continue to see our complete twenty most memorable mug shots of September 2013 gallery.


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