Photos: Las Vegas prospect Nathan Starks wins fight to play for Dave Logan, Cherry Creek

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Nathan Starks is one of the most highly recruited high school football players in the country -- but he couldn't get on the field for Cherry Creek High School, coached by ex-NFL pro and voice of the Broncos Dave Logan, because he'd been ruled ineligible by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA). That changed this week, after assorted challenges and an arbitration hearing at which the acclaimed running back was represented by attorney Dan Caplis. With Starks set to debut for Creek at a game this afternoon, Caplis explains below how the way was finally cleared.

Starks is from Las Vegas and had previously played for Bishop Gorman, a high school in the city with a powerhouse football program -- and he quickly made a name for himself on a national level. While he excelled as a running back for the squad, he's listed on website as the eighth most coveted safety in the country. Colleges said to be interested in him include Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Arizona, Duke, UCLA and Utah.

Here's a video featuring some of his accomplishments during the 2012 season, when he was a junior.

This past spring, however, obstacles popped up along Starks's route to stardom at a major university, as Caplis explains.
A recent photo of Nathan Starks.
"Nathan is a truly outstanding young man," says Caplis, well known for his long run as an afternoon talk-radio host on KHOW; he got involved in the case because his son, a Cherry Creek student, is friends with Starks. "And in three years at Bishop Gorman, a very good, very strict Catholic high school, he had no disciplinary issues whatsoever, and no contact with law enforcement other than a couple of traffic tickets. He's a good kid and was a leader in the school."

Then, however, Caplis says Starks experienced "the one bad week in his whole career -- he violated a couple of school rules. We're not talking about the details of that, but there was no law enforcement involvement and nobody got hurt."

Nonetheless, Starks was told "you're done here -- you're out," Caplis continues.

This edict was subsequently reversed by the Bishop Gorman principal, who'd been out of town when the original decision was made. According to Caplis, "Nathan was allowed to finish the school year from home. He came back to school for finals and was allowed to visit coaches. And he was invited to reapply at Bishop Gorman for his senior year and got strong feedback that he'd be readmitted."

Before he could apply, however, Nathan's mom, Korey Knotts, decided to move out of Nevada. The decision wasn't football-related, Caplis emphasizes: "She lost her job in December, causing financial hardship, and the family was going through a divorce -- and she'd notified the school back in January that they might have to relocate."

Continue for more about Nathan Starks, including additional videos and documents.

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