Video: Occult altar, human bones found in Christian woman's Lakewood shed?

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Big photos, video below.
On the surface, the report of a long forgotten shed containing possible human remains and clues about occult rituals sounds like the makings of a horror movie -- and just in time for Halloween!

But the weird discovery made at a Lakewood property also suggests a relationship split by truly irreconcilable differences: a traditional woman of faith and her ex-mate, who apparently liked to explore the dark side.

Photos, video and the unusual details below.
The house.
The vacant house, located on the 1200 block of Kline Street, looks nondescript in the extreme -- and apparently nothing inside it struck the cleaning crew assigned to get it ready for sale as the least bit odd.

But the same couldn't be said of the shed behind it.

The shed.
At about 3:30 p.m. on October 17, according to the Lakewood Police Department, officers were called to the residence after workers found what they believed to be human remains -- reportedly part of a skull and leg bone.

Animal bones also appeared to have been part of the mix, as well as odd items like this....

...and this:

The bones thought to be human in origin are bound for a lab and DNA testing, but it's likely no crime will be discovered. After all, human bones can be purchased online -- and the man who previously lived on the property is described by investigators as "quite possibly an occultist."

He's not around to ask: A Lakewood police rep notes that he moved away from the home fifteen years ago and is now deceased. And while his wife lived on the property until recently, she apparently left the items in the shed undisturbed; they were covered with plenty of dust. A neighbor describes her as a "Christian."

In other words, she was accustomed to worshiping at altars very different from the one found in the shed -- which may explain why she and her husband cut ties a decade and a half ago.

Even though investigators doubt the shed is a crime scene, they ask that anyone with information about what went on there call the department at 303-987-7111. Presumably, that includes Hollywood producers trolling for the next horror francise.

Look below to watch a 9News report about the incident, followed by an interactive graphic of the area near the scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

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Jennifer Wohletz
Jennifer Wohletz

Shee-it...I keep my bones and occult stuff in the living room.

Tarayn Marissa
Tarayn Marissa

@Brendan... No. I am not ignorant. There are many types of paganism. Asatru (Heathenry), Druidism, Great Goddess, Hellenic, Polytheism, Kemetic, Reconstructionism, Male Spirit, Shamanism, Wicca are a few. And yep. All Christian holidays have elements of it. Christmas trees were brought into houses and decorated with Apples during the winner to represent hope I'm the short, dark days.


I'm pretty familiar with various occult practices and even African Traditional Religions. From what I can see in the pics this doesn't appear to be an altar at all. The horns would indicate a tie to Wicca with it being representative of the horned God. The statue of the black boy could connect it to an African Traditional Religion but quite frankly, it's not representative of any of the African spirits I'm familiar with. Quite frankly, I don't think this was an altar at all. I mean, surely they would have taken pics of an altar if it existed. Surely they can't be that stupid to dismantle it and then only take a pic of the heap of trash. So my opinion is that this is just a collection of stuff and that the person who collected it was probably just a dabbler of multiple practices. Even if there are real human bones involved there is no need to panic. It's not illegal to own human bones and they can be bought and sole online. Visit me at

Brendan Flynn
Brendan Flynn

Halloween, aka Samhain is the most sacred of Pagan holidays as it marks our new year and is a time for celebration. pumpkin carving and trick or treating are Pagan traditions. so are Christmas trees, stockings, wreaths, thanksgiving and easter.

Brendan Flynn
Brendan Flynn

woah woah woah Taryn, what? us Pagans do not practice black magick such as this. we do not acknowledge or believe in the Christian Satan or hell and we certainly do not perform rituals like this.

Chris Weis
Chris Weis

Call Bones! They can solve this.

Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

how have they not determined if they are human remains yet? not that hard to do...

Diane Stinson
Diane Stinson

I can't open half the links you post. And once I finally do, it force closes the window.

Tarayn Marissa
Tarayn Marissa

Meh. I think people are ridiculous. As long as they didn't kill anyone, I don't see the big deal. These type of pagan rituals are technically one of the oldest forms of religion and Christianity based a lot of their religious rituals in them. It's just "scary", because it is out of the norm, near Halloween, and not something our predominately Christian society sees.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

@Tarayn Marissa What part of "possible human remains" do you not understand?

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