Why the Redheaded Slut is glad she got chlamydia

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Denver blog posts can even spell hard words like "chlamydia."

The Redheaded Slut comes up with the week's most arresting headline: "Why I'm Glad I Got Chlamydia."

Colorado Independent's Susan Greene on a case that forced Supermax to acknowledge an inmate's warning signs of suicide.

Denver Egotist thinks this is the perfect day to talk snowboarding. Good point.

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Nasty. What the hell is wrong with this woman. Its not cool to be easy, get std's and brag publicly about taking it up the ass. She needs a therapist.


@savageheadwound Did you even read the article? She's not saying STI's are cool, she's saying that people are likely to run into them and they don't reflect on your morality any more than getting a cold does. Did you know that chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections out there? Unless you've only slept with one person in your life, you've probably slept with someone who has gotten the infection before - or been exposed to something. But you don't care about that because you're too busy judging someone.



I read the article.I think getting STD's IS a reflection of ones morality. I have NEVER had one because I don't screw indiscriminately.  This woman is a nasty and openly admits she gets around. I think it's disgusting. I actually care about my health more than one night of passion. 

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