Reader: I drink instead of smoke, but I'd still rather deal with a stoner than a drunk

A reader comment about preferring stoned skiers over drunk assholes spurred lots of conversation about the distinctions between the two. Some readers rejected both types, while one came down firmly on the side of those who smoke, even though she doesn't personally do so. Here's her take.

Sydney Vee writes:

I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. Even so, I'd rather deal with a stoner. It's a simple matter of how it affects the brain. Everyone knows a mean drunk, but how many mean stoners have you met?

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Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

Trying to justify one against the other is an illogical argument.

Peace Will Win
Peace Will Win

You DEAL with all sorts of people, not defined by theor recreation or medication alone...get over this Colorado, pot being legal is boring, and that is a good thing, so quit obsessing

Nick McCollum
Nick McCollum

Smoke on the slopes and drink off the slopes.

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