Are Tea Party types showing signs of caving on the government shutdown?

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Doug Lamborn.
Denver blog posts like parties of all kinds.

Colorado Pols: Doug Lamborn and some Tea Party types are abandoning Obamacare defunding demands over the shutdown.

The Ralphie Report's Jon Woods on finding the positives in the CU Buffs blowout loss to Oregon. Talk about a tough job.

Big Media's Jason Salzman: How far has talk radio sunk since the glory days of Alan Berg?

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Natasha Schwertley
Natasha Schwertley

We need to pay for what we've already spent. It's ridiculous Boehner is holding this country hostage when even his party admits they have the votes to pass the budget. And maybe next time they'll actual do things that matter like cut the defense budget. It's ridiculously out of proportion when there are so many issues affecting us today - schools in disarray, homelessness, joblessness, etc.

Matthew Bosies
Matthew Bosies

No. It doesn't appear that either party will blink. Obama probably has his lawyers working over time to see if he can issue an executive order to raise the debt ceiing around the 17th. We need to raise taxes and cut spending to fund this monstrous government people that most people want. If we're going to have a big government, pay for it without running $600 billion yearly deficits.

Paul Malczewski
Paul Malczewski

If either party doesnt blink soon, I think someones going to dot there eyes for them.( If you now What I mean!) Jerks

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