Photos: Was your hookah rig or sword recovered in bust of car theft ring?

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Big photos below.
What weird shit do people keep in cars? Examples are seen in stuff confiscated by the East Metro Auto Theft Team in the recent bust of a car-theft ring -- 600 items, ranging from a hookah rig to a sheathed sword. So much has been recovered after the arrest of several thus-far-unnamed suspects (said to also have been involved in burglaries and more) that EMATT has shared a website's worth of photos, in the hopes of reuniting owners with their belongings. Look below to see a sampling of the oddest pics and click here for contact info in case you recognize anything.

By the way, most of the random flotsam pictured in these 25 shots is believed to have been stolen in the Denver-metro area during the months of September and October.
Continue to see more of the unusual items recovered after the bust of a Denver-metro car-theft ring.

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