Photos: Ten weirdest haiku on Denver Craigslist

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Big photos below.
Here's evidence that you can find just about anything on Denver Craigslist: There's actually a forum for haiku.

It's called haiku hotel, and it's a lively place to visit, since users vary between the deadly serious and those willing to have fun with the form. We gravitated to the latter group, picking out and photo-illustrating the ten weirdest haiku, touching on subjects ranging from Cheetos craving to braless women. Count down our favorites below.

Number 10: Posted by "Chief Wiggums"

ignorance of the
law is no excuse
the law is the law

Number 9: Cheetos never prosper?

not cheating
when its only once a week~

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest haiku on Denver Craigslist.

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Mitch Bayer
Mitch Bayer

Seriously, most of these don't follow the haiku pattern. Nice nips though, that'll grab you the clicks you so desperately crave...

Patrick Cray
Patrick Cray

You're high because some of those aren't haikus

Brendan Flynn
Brendan Flynn

nips are beautiful, but can poke out an eye, man. nipping nips nips nips


Half of those aren't even haikus.

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