Would Broncos put up with a racist a$$hole like Richie Incognito?

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Todd Clark
Todd Clark

I don't think the issue is so much if there is bullying in pro sports but the fact that this racist with rage issues was allowed to go unchecked longer than just this one situation including public outbursts of rage and calling other players on other teams racial slurs before this particular situation.

Bob Knudsen
Bob Knudsen

I think it happens everywhere, but this guy clearly took it to another level that I think most don't

Joe Zigmond
Joe Zigmond

No. I don't. This guy is being ostracized by the entire league. It's unlikely he'll play another NFL game. There's a line and he crossed WAY over it.

Michelle Childers
Michelle Childers

I do think is much more common than most ppl realize or want to think about. Sports, esp. contact ones, tend to attract a certain type of person(read that comment as bully). I know that not all are that way. but I think part of the atmosphere makes excuses for it. We all have met ppl in our ADULT lives who are bullies, why would the NFL be any different?

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