Video of the Day: Elk trapped on a trampoline

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Video below.
Animals do the darnedest things, and in some cases (like the incident of the bear seen pushing a dumpster that's become a popular GIF) in happens on camera.

That's true of an elk who got trapped on a trampoline in Evergreen, where Greg Chase and his wife caught the scene on video shared with 9News. But is the station's headline -- "Elk has a fun time on trampoline" -- accurate? Or was the elk actually pissed off, in a particularly elk-like way, at his stumbling and fumbling before Chase lured him out? Decide for yourself below.

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Layne Tobin
Layne Tobin

Oh no, a scared animal in someones yard trying to find wilderness in a city that has been built around her. Should probably kill it.


taking the man show to a new level of manliness

Mary Ella
Mary Ella

Um, yeah... I don't think she's enjoying herself....

Megan Haenny
Megan Haenny

I don't need to watch that to know he's probably freaked out. I can't imagine.

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