Reader: Feds who raided marijuana businesses only doing what they promised

William Breathes's post about Juan Guardarrama, a target of federal marijuana raids who was known as Tony Montana during his days as a Florida jewel thief brought an explosion of commentary, much of it charging the DEA with hypocrisy. But this reader thinks the feds were actually as good as their word.

Damian Riniker writes:

I laughed all day long at everyone who was throwing a fit about it. "Omg the feds said they wouldn't do this anymore" no this is exactly what they said they WOULD be doing. You don't follow the rules, you pay the price. Doesn't matter if you're running a marijuana shop or some other business.

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Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander

thanks colorado for the cheap ass bud, we are making a killing on the east coast.

Charles Buckley
Charles Buckley

Hold the fucking phone. Do you mean to tell me if I'm selling a federally regulated substance, and not declaring total income, it can attract unwanted attention? That doesnt sound right.

Charlene McCune
Charlene McCune

Honestly, when I saw the IRS was involved that told me they were not declaring their total income and paying taxes.. don't mess with the IRS....


Many business owners in Colorado are criminals, doesn't matter if they're running a marijuana shop or some other business. The funny thing is, we have our own enforcement division that is supposed to handle these sorts of things. But they suck so bad at their job, the feds have to come in and do it for them. you think that makes us look good, or incompetent?

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