Photos: More of Denver's best street art as chosen by a graffiti-scene veteran

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Big photos below.
Earlier this month, we featured twenty images from a video entitled "Denver's Best Street Art" and asked if they deserved the title. A twenty-year veteran of the local street-art scene answered no and provided images that he feels better represent the area's best writers -- so many, in fact, that we broke the collection into two sections.

Today, we present the sequel -- and the art is just as astonishing as in part one.

As before, the photos are by Gary Glasser, also known as "The Anarchivist," who's kindly allowing us to share these photos with you. And as you'll see, we're publishing the most horizontal of the images in two ways -- a highlighted close-up, followed by the piece as a whole.

Now, without further ado, it's time to hit the streets.

Photo by Gary Glasser "The Anarchivist"

Photo by Gary Glasser "The Anarchivist"

Photo by Gary Glasser "The Anarchivist"

Photo by Gary Glasser "The Anarchivist"
Continue to see more of Denver's best street art as chosen by a graffiti-scene veteran, part two.

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Shannon Woods
Shannon Woods

Street art is one of the best things about a city. It's a social act of expression that stimulates conversation and its free. Graffiti is an incredible display of talent and dedication.. but it would be cool to see other varieties included alongside that don't necessarily fall in the graff category. Murals, site specific stencils, wheat pasted alleys...etc.

Terrence Owen PoorThunder
Terrence Owen PoorThunder

Definitely on the rise! And there's a great graff artist that gets off probation soon in Denver. Once he hits the streets over!

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