Frank Ruybalid: Is there anything worse than a schmucky DA?

Frank Ruybalid.
If the allegations concerning Frank Ruybalid, district attorney of Huerfano and Las Animas counties, hold water -- and the Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel has a large tub of claims that Ruybalid mishandled at least sixteen criminal cases, failing to obey court orders or disclose evidence and then dismissing cases when a stink was raised -- then the tougher question is whether all these judicial snafus are a matter of ineptitude or something even worse. Either way, the idea of a DA repeatedly bungling serious criminal cases is megaschmuck territory.

As the Pueblo Chieftain reported back in September, the OARC filed a hefty complaint against Ruybalid last summer, accusing him of no less than 29 separate instances of misconduct. Much of the impetus for the action seems to have originated with four different judges who found the DA's conduct beyond the pale (and at times worthy of sanctions) in numerous cases, including one murder case that ended up being dismissed.

Ruybalid, who was elected in 2008, denies intentionally violating any rules. In a response almost as long as the complaint, he blames a lot of his problems on a heavy caseload and not being able to hire and retain experienced attorneys in his district, which includes the towns of Walsenburg and Trinidad.

Yet DAs in other rural areas of the state seem to get by without judges and defense attorneys crying for their scalps. Ruybalid faces suspension and possible disbarment when the OARC case goes to trial next spring. Maybe he'll prove more able in his own defense than he's been as the people's prosecutor, but right now he's accused of schmuckiness in the first degree.

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Allen Prendergast,  You are very brave or very stupid (probably the latter). Calling someone a "schmuck" in print is , in the terminoligy of your set, akin to slander as in my calling you  a Cheap Asshole of a Son-of-a-bitch.  I have known Frank all his life and a more honest, trustworthy person would be hard to find.


The need to start investigating Jay Friedburg at the Denver DA's office next. Dude is a punk ass kid out of law school who lies, manipulates, threatens and generally has no common fucking sense. He belongs in jail, not in the district attorneys office.


How about schmucky marijuana McLawyers who engage in criminal drug activity with their criminal cartel clients??


@benruybalid  Tell it to the people who were directly involved in  these cases sir. Myself being one of them. Honest, he may be, to you in his personal life.... that's a far cry from his conduct in the court room and his REPEATED demonstrations of incompetence. Tell me, have you ever seen him in action in the court room? It's a disgrace and laughable. So you may have known him all your life in one context, but it's nothing to do with his absolute inability to effectively be a "representative of the people".

@dramoswidow of APopoff

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

@benruybalid DAs bend and break the rules all the time.  You'd know that if you had any kind of involvement in the law whatsoever.  I hope your buddy loses his license to practice if these allegations are true.  BTW: spoken = slander and written = libel.  Derp.


@benruybalid if what he is accused of doing is what you call honest and trustworthy  then you are just as corrupt/inept as him. Judges and others in the law enforcement community have nothing to gain except having the trust of the public for turning him in.If he can't handle the job maybe he should quit.  


Idiot doesn't know the difference between slander and libel.

You = Legal Fail

Typical Ruybalid

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