Michelle Rendon busted after cops find meth in her belly button

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Interactive graphic below.'re stopped by police when you've got drugs on your person. What to do? The most popular options exercised by scofflaws over the years include:

1. Throwing it away.

2. Eating it.

3. Hiding it in the handiest orifice available.

Michelle Rendon allegedly picked number three -- but her orifice of choice was highly unusual. She's accused of stashing meth in her belly button.

At about 10:33 p.m. on November 9, according to information shared on the Colorado Springs police blotter, cops were out on patrol when they spotted a vehicle matching the description of one that had been reported stolen.

Moments later, they pulled over the ride, occupied by Rendon, 28, and Arturo Velasquez, eighteen, near 310 North Murray Boulevard, an area captured in the interactive graphic below. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Shortly thereafter, officers say they developed probable cause to arrest both Rendon and Velasquez for motor vehicle theft and hauled them to the Springs' justice center. There, they got a little surprise: Rendon allegedly had meth in her navel.

Thank goodness she didn't have an outie.

Okay, perhaps Rendon didn't stash the meth in her belly button thinking no one would find it when she got to jail. Maybe she always keeps it there, so it's close at hand whenever she has a hankering for the stuff, and just forgot. But whatever the case, her decision didn't exactly lessen her trouble with the law.

Like Velasquez, Rendon was booked on suspicion of motor-vehicle theft; he also was slapped with what are termed "other traffic charges." In addition, she faces two other beefs: possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and introduction of contraband into a detention facility.

And to think: She could have been the most popular person on the cell block.

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I unfortunatly used some drugs when I was younger, it was a shit time in my life but I learned something kinda interesting; drugs is filthy, like really really dirty. Took some time before I realized where people hid drugs, if you have drugs in your hand right now there`s a 90% it has been in someones ass or armpit, mouth or in their old dirty socks or shoes or whatever you can think of. It`s been there. I`ll never forget my first big-ish hashish deal, I`m waiting outside a trainstation, a dirty, sweaty piece of crap of a guy jumps into my car, I give him the cash and he sticks his hands into his pants and pulls out a big ol` slab. From his groin area. I looked at him, looked at the drugs and thought "hm...maybe this drug-thing isn`t for me, do I want to handle something this old dirty junkie have been hiding his his ****** underwear?".  Discusting. And then I met the speedfreaks and they were even worse, just filth all day long.

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