Photos: Million Mask March participant claims cops assaulted protesters

Big photos below.
Yesterday, we reported that a videographer at the Million Mask March on Tuesday in downtown Denver had alleged police brutality against her and others at the City & County Building, and offered footage of the incident as evidence; see it below.

Since then, we've spoken at length with another marcher, who makes similar claims.

Check out what he has to say and see photos from the rally below.

"People were rallying in what locals call Marvin Booker Plaza, but it's also known as Veteran's Park," says the protester, who asks to be identified by the moniker Fiscal Cliff. "We rallied from about 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and there were probably about fifty to 100 people there all day -- but around 4:30 p.m., the numbers swelled to around 300 for the march."

Photo by Sue Kemp
Participants included members of Anonymous and veterans of Occupy Denver, as well as a lot of first-time protesters, Cliff believes -- although he admittedly can't be sure about everyone, since such a high percentage of people were wearing masks.

The group "went down 15th Street," Cliff goes on -- and then, about twenty minutes into the event, he says, "they were attacked by cops. They were hitting people with their motorcycles and batons and using their cars to try and push people onto the sidewalk."

Cliff maintains that "a couple of people were slightly injured" in these incidents; he hasn't heard of anyone hurt badly enough to require hospitalization. Nonetheless, "we had women, children and people with disabilities in our march. So if people say there was police brutality going on, that's definitely accurate. The police were very aggressive and well-armed, but they didn't seem very well prepared."

By Cliff's estimate, fifty to sixty officers were on hand during various portions of the march and its aftermath, as well as four SWAT units -- and things really got dodgy when the participants headed to the City & County Building and the State Capitol. Here's the aforementioned video, which its creator, Janet Wilson, has labeled as an example of police brutality:

Assorted reports have noted that blocked streets appear to have either delayed or prevented people from dropping off ballots; Tuesday, of course, was election day. But Cliff stresses that disrupting the election was in no way a goal of the marchers. He says it was simply a coincidence that November 5 -- Guy Fawkes Day, a spur for the Million Mask March -- took place on the same day ballots were being cast.

Continue for more about the Million Mask March in Denver, including additional photos.

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