Videos: Million Mask March protester alleges police brutality

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Videos, big photos below.
Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day, and to mark the occasion, people across the globe took to the streets to take part in what was dubbed the Million Mask March.

In Denver, protesters, many of them wearing Fawkes masks, rallied downtown -- but when they marched on the City & County Building, the cops intervened. The result was six arrests and a claim of police brutality by at least one videographer.

Look below to see the footage, additional videos and photos.

This morning, Denver police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez was unable to provide us with much detail about the march, other than to confirm the arrests of six people: five adults and one juvenile. She added that "we had a police presence during the entire march, for the security of the community and the protesters as well."
The profile photo from the Occupy Denver Facebook page.
Less than appreciative was Janet Wilson, who posted a video from the rally on YouTube along with this description of events:
A young man was grabbed from a group of protesters on the steps of City County building on Nov. 5th during the million mask march. As I was filming him being brutally arrested a cop brutally assaulted me by grabbing my fleece jacket and throwing me backward down a the steps. As I stumbled navigating the steps I flew down the steps, only to be saved from landing face down on the concrete by a guy who broke my fall at the bottom. I want to share this with everyone and hope that someone caught this police officer on camera. Also, I want to make sure that the young man arrested has proof of being brutally arrested this night. I did not see him doing anything that would warrant the kind of man handling he endured. This is outrageous and needs to stop. Please help circulate this video to show how the Denver police treat protesters.
Here's the video, during which Wilson can be heard asking the question "What the fuck?" on numerous occasions:

Other clips of events at the event shared thus far are considerably less aggressive. Here are two examples:

We've asked for more information from the Denver Police Department and Occupy Denver and will update this post if and when we hear back. In the meantime, we've collected some of the photos tweeted from the scene.

Continue to see twitpics from the Million Mask March in Denver.

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Denverites DESERVE violent Neanderthal thugs as Cops ... since they've TOLERATED them and paid their salaries and elected and re-elected their politician patrons for DECADES !!

Remember Kids -- A Democracy gets the Government it DESERVES -- i.e. ELECTS !!


I was there I had two different cops ram their bicycle into my legs. Hard enough for me to fall over into the person next to me. All I was doing was trying to walk a straight line. They were also revving up their motorcycles up to people's legs. An officer in a car that was driving sideways into the group actually threw a couple swings into the crowd as they were trying to walk forward despite them using vehicles to herd us like cattle. Keep in mind these only took place when the majority of onlookers were not present. I saw an officer physically pick her bike off of the ground and start shoving it into people who were already on the sidewalk. I've been in marches before and have never seen this kid of behavior from the police. Another cop singled out a guy in front of me and repeatedly went infront of him picked up the front wheel of his bike and rammed it into the guys shins. After the fifth time the guy yelled for him to leave him alone. The officer then went to the other side of him and blocked him in a triangular barricade made from two other officers on bikes. When the guy attempted to get out by walking towards the rest of the group the officer put him in a headlock and threw him to the ground. The guy did nothing against the law to be arrested. He was with the group whom should have the right to a peaceful protest, but I guess not.


DPD = Violent Neanderthal Thugs

A democracy deserves the brutal laws and enforcement it tolerates, ipso facto.



I've shared a hours of video from the event at 
I believe there is a serious problem when police use a vehicle - be it a bicycle or motorcycle as a weapon on pedestrians. I saw at least one officer rushing on the backs of those walking to "push" them along. The rush on the steps of the City County Building was disgraceful. Brutality happened and was documented - it needs to be dealt with as these public safety officers violated a group of peaceful people throughout the night by harrassing with sirens and kettling the march along their chosen course in downtown. 
I believe daytime consort with the march was handled without incident on either side as the group walked from the Capitol to the Federal Reserve Bank's Money Museum.

Taxpayers should be appalled at the thousands of dollars spent on "security" around a peaceful walk through downtown. As the march passed windows with people enjoying nightlife we saw numerous thumbs up, smiles, and photos/videos being recorded.

November 4, the night before, I attended a public safety meeting with police and city officials. Denver Police Chief Robert White addressed the audience as "customers" which those attending voiced disapproval of being addressed in this manner - the public are the employers of the Police and Denver government officials. When these officials say you are customers they are implying a fascist dictatorship over those "being served". The implication is that the public is suspect to be proven innocent.
I'll post an audio recording from that public safety meeting. 

PUBLIC - remember FTP - Film The Police, document what they are doing.


thank you westword for posting this.  i was hit in the face while standing on the sidewalk by the swat team.  when i was hit with the baton i said, "hey, im on the sidewalk," he  looked at me then he hit me in the face... i then turned to the cop next to him... "that guy hit me in the face" that cop then went on to hit me in the face as well.  i dont understand what was going on with the cops.  why does a march of 200 people require a 150 cop escort?  is this how our local tax money is to be spent when people try to redress their grievances?  if the goal of the police was to "protect protestors" why were they randomly beating the shit out of people?  i've been at occupy stuff, FTP stuff, this vibe was different, those swat team dudes were bloodthirsty in a way i've never seen.  

RobertChase topcommenter

@occupiedsole Denver's criminal police are a law unto themselves, and no one from ex-Mayor Hack to former Supreme Court Justice Martinez has done much to check them.  As for the present Mayor, the indicence of abuses and crimes committed by police may worsen for the remainder of his tenure, just as the number of deaths of homeless people on Denver's streets continues to climb -- how many names do you get to read this year at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless' commemoration of the deaths of these people, Mr. Mayor?  It is macabre that the Mayor officiates at an event that demonstrates the civic neglect that allows well over a hundred people to die on our streets every year.

RobertChase topcommenter

@Quincy Johnson Is he OK?

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