This isn't a senior picture: It's one of October's twenty most memorable mug shots

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Big photos below.
We usually associate the crossed-arms, look-over-one-shoulder pose with senior pictures. But as you can tell by Floyd Sandoval's outfit, this particular photo was snapped for a very different reason -- in his case, an arrest for first-degree murder. It's just one of the memorable images from October.

Check out the top twenty below, and be sure to click on the captions or links to get the rest of the story in our original coverage.

Roland Herrera.
Read more in "Roland Herrera's schmucky decision to impersonate a police officer -- to a cop."

Wayne Sperling.
Read more in "Wayne Sperling's child abuse bust: Swarms of flies, piles of feces."

Caja Gray.
Read more in "Caja Gray allegedly assaulted ex-boyfriend, started fire in his basement."

David Morrow.
Read more in "David Morrow, ex-deputy, gets five years for breaking drunk teen's jaw."

Continue to keep viewing the twenty most memorable mug shots of October 2013.


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Lori Schaffer
Lori Schaffer

I went to high school with the cop that got charged for punching that teen in the jaw! Crazy!!!

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