Top sixteen Philip Rivers "hate" and "bitch" tweets

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Big photos, tweets below.
Despite some unexpectedly tense moments in the fourth quarter, Denver's 28-20 win over San Diego yesterday was mostly fun to watch -- especially if, like most Broncos fans, you loathe Chargers quarterback and nasty memes magnet Philip Rivers. But just as entertaining was trolling Twitter for tweets about Rivers featuring the words "hate" and "bitch" -- both terms frequently applied to the QB by football watchers here and beyond. Look below to count down our sixteen favorites, supplemented by images from yesterday's Broncos win.

Number sixteen:

Number fifteen:

Number fourteen:

Number thirteen:

Continue to keep counting down the top sixteen Philip Rivers "hate" and "bitch" tweets.

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GuestWho topcommenter

Philip Rivers:Chargers::Eric Decker:Broncos


Why does watching Football produces so much hate from people?  It's not like those people are making $800,000 per game.  

Darren Jack
Darren Jack

I looove Philip Rivers(' sideline stink face when he inevitably starts loosing to the Broncos)

Christopher Provost
Christopher Provost

Hate the Taliban and Al Qaeda people! Rivers is just a football player with a mouth.

Steve Burrell
Steve Burrell

"I hate Phillip Rivers" is a top 16 tweet about hating Phillip Rivers? Number 5, no less? You should just label these, "Please click, and then click a few more times to see a list of stuff."

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