Reader: Pot tax is trying to demonize hippie lettuce

Some fiery back and forths popped up on our post spotlighting data cited by proponents of marijuana tax measure Proposition AA suggesting that the measure should pass easily. Among the arguments against Prop AA is this one, which sees the measure as contradicting Amendment 64.

irq77 writes:

AA is the anti-crowd again trying to demonize and criminalize the hippy lettuce through taxation. The hippy lettuce is legal to possess, consume, and grow now in Colorado and that's just what I'll do.

GET EDUCATED! History is again repeating itself. Learn why Cannabis was made illegal because you'll find that AA is just like the tax act of 1937.

Also, Amendment 64 clearly states that Cannabis be taxed similarly to Alcohol which this is NOT. So this tax measure is clearly unconstitutional.

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stick the seed in the ground and water it with your free tears and 60 days later smoke your broke pockets till your eyes pop out of your heads for free.see you can still be cheap skates so quit the pouting.

Kyle Hartman
Kyle Hartman

I'm for the tax, Colorado needs revenue. How much do we tax cigarettes again? It should be comparable. The people against the tax are the same people who make a ridiculous amount of money on weed. The money mostly goes to support schools. How can anyone be against this?

Jordan Snyder
Jordan Snyder

I think it's just about money, but if it weren't demonized in general and there weren't a bunch of completely ridiculous morons still against adult cultivation and use, then no one would stand for such a tax, I think. Lawmakers, consciously or not, are using disagreement of the populace to pass unjust and unconstitutional laws. So it's nothing new for America.

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson

Do what you will, everyone grows here so it doesn't matter, practice up your green thumb and don't pay taxes bam done and done.


The 'pot tax' is a diversion of the billion dollar tax increase on the middle class and small business like they aren't hurting enough. The idea that increased funds will boost education is an insult that's been repeated for years. In the last 5 years increased funding showed no boost in GPA or graduation rate instead there's been lower graduation rate. The increased taxes on business results in less employees they can hire and could crush the middle class just to open the door for more govt spending. Money is earned not taken. Vote no for Amendment 66

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