Reader: Local prostitution rings are fueled by meth

Earlier this week, we posted about the arrest of Robert Gonzales, who's charged with pimping out a foster child for cash and meth.

The story rang true to one reader, who's witnessed similar tragedies and connects them to the addictive nature of the drug in question.

Rian Milehigh writes:

My ex from a few yrs ago gets pimped out by this guy she met here in Denver. There's a whole crime ring and there's more girls, and meth is the heart of it. And she's not the only gorgeous girl I've encountered who started prostituting because of a meth addiction. Meth ruins EVERYTHING.

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meth is going to end all life as we know will get stronger more people will be be smoking it....its poison people who smoke it deserve to die.

Kandis Bigham
Kandis Bigham

prostitution is a means to an end... these ppl were meth heads most likely before they were prostitutes. we have all seen real sex on hbo and things like that were prostitutes are interviewed. a lot of them talk about other girls or themselves having drug addictions and the money they get from prostituting supports their addiction. this head line makes it seem as if it was the other way around.... generally that's not how it works.. your addicted, you need to fuel that addiction and therefore going to more extreme measures to make sure that addiction is feed, up to and including prostitution or other criminal activity. also breaking bad didn't make meth cool meth was a huge problem in every state long before breaking bad came out. what makes meth popular it what makes all drugs popular.... ppl like to get high and experience something different then reality nothing more nothing less.

Marcus Netters
Marcus Netters

Meth for White People is Like Crack for Black people in the 80's. An Breaking Bad made it cool


Black Neighborhoods are confused by why White people like Meth so much but we remember Crack from the 90's and we good

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