Robert Gonzales allegedly pimped foster child for cash and meth

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Big photos, video below.
UPDATE: A court has sentenced Robert Gonzales to 112 years to life in prison. The sentence is more than twice that handed down to Thomas White, who was convicted of a similar crime in early January 2015.

The First Judicial District DA's office has filed fifteen charges against 39-year-old Robert Gonzales in response to what prosecutors portray as an exploitative horror show of activities involving the most vulnerable of victims: a runaway turned foster child who's said to have been pimped for cash and meth over a period of years beginning when she was just fourteen.

Look below for photos, video and details about these startling allegations.

The teen first encountered Gonzales in 2011, according to an affidavit obtained by 7News. Her grandmother told the station the introduction took place through a foster family that had been sheltering her. By year's end, their relationship had become sexual, reportedly fueled by alcohol and drugs, and the teen, previously a frequent runaway, had apparently convinced herself she was in love with him.

As time went on, however, their pairing is said to have become nonexclusive in a particularly repulsive way. The teen told investigators that Gonzales began advertising on Craigslist, posting nude photos of her as enticement for online pervs to have sex with her at area motels like this Arvada Motel 6:

The forms of compensation included money as well as meth, which Gonzales had started to use. According to the teen, the latter was often supplied by dealers who accepted her sexual favors in lieu of cash.

Her estimate of the number of times something like this happened? Thirty.

In July 2012, the authorities briefly got involved; when checking on the teen's whereabouts, they found her cowering in a basement crawl space at Gonzales's place. Somehow, though, she wasn't taken into protective custody and was allowed to stay with Gonzales, who denied that she was being mistreated.

Thumbnail image for robert.gonzales.hotel.vq.jpg
Denver's Hotel VQ, another place where Gonzales is said to have arranged meetings between men and the teen.
As the years wore on, the teen became more desperate to escape her awful situation. She said she even threw herself from Gonzales's moving vehicle this past July.

Now, at last, the teen is in another foster care setting and Gonzales, who was arrested on Halloween, has been hit with the following charges:

• Trafficking in Children (F2)

• Pandering of a Child (F2)

• 2 counts Sexual Assault of a Child/Pattern/Position of Trust (F3)

• Soliciting for Child Prostitution (F3)

• Procurement of a Child (F3)

• Keeping a Place of Child Prostitution (F3)

• Pimping of a Child (F3)

• Inducement of Child Prostitution (F3)

• Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (F4)

• Harboring a Minor (M2)

• 4 Violent Crime Counts

At this writing, Gonzales remains in a Jefferson County jail on a $500,000 bond. He's due in court for a preliminary hearing on December 5.

Look below to take a larger look at Gonzales's mug shot and see the 7News report.

Robert Gonzales.

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RobertChase topcommenter

Let Gonzales go; execute all the legislators, police, prosecutors, and judges responsible for ignoring the Constitution's proscription of double jeopardy.


            *** Just Legalize It !! ***


Yep. Your lovely state run foster care system at work. The state loves corruption it makes them feel good about their jobs. Sick freaks.

Alesia Lamar Bickford
Alesia Lamar Bickford

WTH?! Don't they screen or check up on these people who are foster parents? There's a special place in HELL for this old boy!


"Her grandmother told the station the introduction took place through a foster family that had been sheltering her."

1. What happened to the foster family?

2. Who licensed the foster family?

3. Why does Colorado continue to push foster care/adoptions?  The state department should disclose how many kids run away from their system and be responsible for their outcomes. They want the taxpayer money that comes with child protection, but no accountability.

Rian Milehigh
Rian Milehigh

My ex from a few yrs ago gets pimped out by this guy she met here in Denver. There's a whole crime ring and there's more girls, and meth is the heart of it. And she's not the only gorgeous girl ive encountered who started prostituting because of a meth addiction. Meth ruins EVERYTHING.

Jimmy Jonas
Jimmy Jonas

There is a special place in hell for him!

John Mccall
John Mccall

This PERV needs a year of showers with Jerry Sandusky.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@rosevango Definitely a lot of questions behind this story. Thanks for posting, rosevango.


@rosevango ... perhaps Colorado should implement A Modest Proposal when dealing with unwanted / abused children ?

A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public

Problem solved.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Rian Milehigh Wow. Thanks for the post, Rian. We're going to feature it in an upcoming Comment of the Day. Much appreciated.


@John Mccall = fantasizes about homosexual prison rape

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