Reader: Don't call the PC police for saying Snooki is f-ing ugly

Our post about the accidental broadcast of KOA's Steffan Tubbs calling Jersey Shore alum Snooki being "fucking ugly" got just as much of a reaction as did the station's announcement that the host would face disciplinary action. Most readers didn't think Tubbs deserved much of a spanking, including this one.

Greg Jabuki DeRuckus writes:

It's called having an opinion and the PC police need to accept that is part of the First Amendment.

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Craig Maybell
Craig Maybell

Yet, you -- and clearly dozens other -- cared enough to post their lame ass opinions.


snooki makes fucking ugly look gorgeous

Stephanie Sarad
Stephanie Sarad

getting desperate for articles? Is there really nothing else to write about? Seriously, no one cares...

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