Videos: Top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado

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Last year, we shared a post featuring ten weird movie references to Colorado, then assembled a sequel featuring ten more. But we haven't delved into TV-show quotes about Colorado...until now.

Below, see the ten favorites we found on the Internet Movie Database site, featuring programs such as The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother -- plus not one but two appearances by Tina Fey. We've included a slew of videos, as well. Check out the one-or-more liners below.

Number 10:

How I Met Your Mother

2011 (episode title: "Field Trip"): "Oh, I'm not gonna die. I've bought a mine shaft in Colorado. I spent the past six months stocking it with canned goods, assault rifles, and all five seasons of Friday Night Lights."

Number 9:

South Park

2011 (episode title: "Marjorine"): "Now Marjorine, that's not very lady-like. Us Colorado girls love to get pounded in the snizz just like any woman but we keep it to ourselves."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado.

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Koryn Harrison
Koryn Harrison

"I'm moving out to the 'burbs. Actually, I'm moving further than the 'burbs, I'm moving to Colorado."MICHAEL SCOTT

John Underwood Schumm
John Underwood Schumm

Last season in the Walking Dead, an abandoned Subaru was shown with CO plates.

Anthony Siraguse
Anthony Siraguse

There's also that one episode of The Office where David is like "Colorado is just one big REI store"

Ɓŕőķeʼn Ŀůʼnģz
Ɓŕőķeʼn Ŀůʼnģz

"I just came down from Pagosa Springs for some wares and such!" - Stan Marsh, South Park

Sarah Rowan
Sarah Rowan

"That's a white myth, Ken. Just like Larry Bird and Colorado."

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