William Campbell allegedly scalped Broncos tickets for over face value that weren't even real

Big photos and more below.
It seems to a lot of us that selling tickets to major events for well over face value is pretty schmucky in and of itself, regardless of the fact that there's a whole industry founded on the concept.

But it's way worse when the tickets in question are entirely bogus.

Which brings us to William Campbell, our latest Schmuck of the Week, who allegedly took advantage of several people whose only crime was loving the Denver Broncos a little too much.

According to a probable cause statement on view below, a detective was working undercover on the 1400 block of Glenarm this past Sunday, October 27, when the Washington Redskins, coached by former Broncos head man Mike Shanahan, were in town.

While there, he encountered a man later identified as Campbell, who tried to sell him four tickets listed at $125.

His bargain price? $275 per.

At that point, the detective placed Campbell under arrest, presumably for breaking the scalping ordinance. But then he found out he'd made a bigger score than he figured: A representative from the Broncos ticket office verified that the tickets Campbell had offered were fake.

That's not all. Before the investigation was over, the detective stumbled upon two more people who'd bought tickets from Campbell only to discover they were bogus, too.

Campbell lists a New York address as home, but he won't be heading there quite yet. He was busted on suspicion of forgery and theft, fitted with a $2,000 bond and given a court date of Monday, November 4.

All of which we're assured are the real thing.

Here's a larger look at Campbell's mug shot, followed by the probable cause statement.

William Campbell.

William Campbell Probable Cause Statement

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Bradley Crable
Bradley Crable

Crack is bad M'Kay! NEVER buy a ticket from a Scalper at all.....Unless you want to get ripped off all around! SMH!

John S. Schafluetzel
John S. Schafluetzel

I'm not even gonna touch the "Obama's Sons" crack. Guessing there's not even a chance of approaching reason or decency with that guy.

John S. Schafluetzel
John S. Schafluetzel

Cory Lottman, what's that guy look like exactly? You have something against zip up sweaters?

Cory Lottman
Cory Lottman

People are dumb enough to buy them off guy that looks like that they deserve to get ripped off lol

James Gold
James Gold

No one appreciates an entrepreneur anymore.

Santiago Hermosillo
Santiago Hermosillo

i wouldnt sell them. I would give them away for free and pull a prank on them.

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