Photos: Top twelve tattoo mug shots of 2013

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Big photos below.
Our annual roundup of mug shots for the year continues with pics of those who inked up before getting the chance to preserve their image for posterity.

Some of those in the spotlight have modest tats -- a teardrop here or there -- while others obviously spent a lotta time in that chair getting masterworks needled into their skin for an occasion just like this one.

See the top twelve below, and click on the links or captions to see our original coverage.

andrew terry mug shot large.jpg
Andrew Terry.
Read more in "Andrew Terry gets 202 year habitual-criminal jolt after drunkenly running over officer's foot."

Matthew Vanvelkinbourgh.

felix trujillo mug shot.jpg
Felix Trujjillo.
Read more in "Felix Trujillo, escapee, surrenders amid claims family of deputy who helped him was threatened."

Continue to see more of our top twelve tattoo mug shots of 2013.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

HipTip: Neck or Face tattoos = Life FAIL!


Scott McMahon
Scott McMahon

Half the pictures don't even have any real ink. Reaching for stories?

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