Marijuana: Buying pot at Civic Center Park in 2004 -- and at the end of 2013

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When I first moved to Denver in 2004, I had a very difficult time locating pot. I spent a lot of time at galleries, concert venues and taverns like Gabors and Bar Bar, asking everyone I met where I could find "some grass" (as an ignorant farm boy, I still spoke like a hippie from Dragnet), and getting a baffled shrug from just about everyone I encountered. Either it wasn't as popular then...or no one trusted me. Then one night at the DIY space Monkey Mania, I was told I could just go down to Civic Center Park and someone would happily sell me what I needed. This was a disturbing prospect for an ignorant, ex-evangelical kid who thought Denver was just as dangerous as South Central L.A. But I did it, and continued to buy there until I got a dealer -- like a civilized human being.

And now -- one decade and several pieces of legislation later -- I am returning to Civic Center Park, looking to see if you can still pick up a dime of schwag, all the while craning your neck to look out for the po-po while a thug with bad cornrows sprinkles his musty dust into your outstretched palm.

Unless you've done any serious time for possession, you may be like me in feeling a slight nostalgia for the time when marijuana was illegal in Denver. I certainly don't want to return to those days, but I will admit that smoking pot meant something different then than it does now. The normalization of weed has altered its cultural specificity, and while that's good for society, it makes me long for the days when getting high was an identity.

Back in 2004, when I used to go to Civic Center Park (or the bus shelter at Colfax and Broadway, which has since been torn down) for pot, it was a giddy little thrill. I was living an urban life. I was Superfly. I was David Lee Roth when he was arrested for buying a dime back in Washington Square Park in 1993. (Reader's note: Only white people romanticize getting arrested.)

Today I know that buying weed in the park is something you do when you don't have any options. I still do it if I'm traveling alone in a foreign city, but for the most part it's something I avoid. Back when I lived in Iowa, I was the park: Middle-aged guys whose dealers from the '70s had either died or moved away would approach me, knowing me as that kid from church who now does drugs. So naturally I started buying quarter pounds and upselling them eighths at 50 percent.

Brandon Marshall
4:20 p.m. on 4/20, 2012
I recently returned to Iowa and saw a few of them. I had copies of Westword that featured my stories, but they ignored the stories and marveled at our marijuana ads like they were fourteen-year-old boys discovering porn for the first time. They begged me for details about our upcoming recreational marijuana dispensaries (or "legal weed stores," as they phrased it), and I slowly spoon-fed the details to them like porridge to orphans.

These were people who understood what it meant societally to be a pothead. This wasn't a good thing, but it was very different, and I couldn't relate. I mean, I work for a newspaper where we've actually had meetings about whether or not to grow cannabis plants in the office. These guys were afraid of losing their jobs for smoking weed, whereas I'm paid to buy weed in the park and then write about it.

Surprisingly, you can still buy marijuana in Civic Center Park. After an uneventful five minutes of hanging out on the northeast corner of the garden (my spot in 2004), I'd become convinced that the tradition had lapsed. This was last Saturday, when the sky had turned dark and freezing at 2 p.m. A Tejano band was at the Greek Amphitheater, with a ten-year-old girl singing before a crowd that hardly outnumbered those on the stage.

I watched them for another ten minutes and was about to give up -- but then noticed a crowd of puffy jackets and workboots on the north side of the park, where Colfax splits into 15th Street. I began pacing around about twenty yards away, surprisingly feeling the same anxiety I'd felt when doing this ten years earlier. It was like approaching a group outside of your clique in high school -- or perhaps it was some unconscious form of racist fear. (I consider myself a progressive anti-racist, but as Malcolm Gladwell and the Implicit Association Test say, 80 percent of us are a little racist.)

A handsome kid in a Scarface hoodie noticed me walking by and gave me a familiar "sup" nod. Which I returned, remembering how this works. "What choo need?" I was about to say a nickel bag, but that was an outdated term even in 2004. I wasn't looking to buy very much -- I had plenty of herb at home and was just doing this for a story (I suppose that would make our interaction the only post-modern drug deal I'd ever heard of) so I said: "Just a five."

This remains about the only cool thing about buying marijuana in the park: You can get as little as you want. Any proper dealer refuses to sell anything less than an eighth, which can be too much of an investment if you're traveling or only want to share a joint with your girlfriend on New Year's Eve.

Then again, dealers are prepared with baggies. This is not the case when you buy your dope in the park. While trying to be discreet while passing your sweaty wad of cash into the dude's palm, you also have to deal with him telling you to "hold out your hands" like you're a child about to receive communion. Then he sprinkles it in there, and you're left with either tossing your score into your pocket -- thereby mixing it up with a bunch of sweaty lint -- or immediately finding a container for it. (If you're a cigarette smoker, the cellophane from your pack comes in handy at this point.)

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Craig Struthers
Craig Struthers

Lakeside park in the early 90's that's where I used to get mine :)

Scott Stevens
Scott Stevens

The police have actually cleaned out most of civic centers dealers. This time last year he wouldn't have waited anytime. He would have been asked if he was 'good' 20x before stepping inside the park.

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones

Never again!!! Right, Matt Avery? hahahah

Mo Nd Oh
Mo Nd Oh

id rather spend my money on something else than get ripped off at the park

Maria Nieto
Maria Nieto

It would be nice but there are other drugs to sell

Gary Feliciano
Gary Feliciano

Never there will always be a want and desire. Mark My Words, LOL

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

"Tune in next time when I walk to Colfax and Clarkson to purchase a nice rock of crack!"

... or down by the River at Speer to score some Mexican Tar from the Hondurans.

ps: no self-respecting stoner would ever purchase overpriced, overtaxed, over-regulated warehouse schwag from the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartel pigs. 

Stop the Corporate Commercialization of Cannabis -- Support your Local Private Caregiver / Grower, i.e. the same friends, family and associates you've always scored your dope from.


"(Tune in next time when I walk to Colfax and Clarkson to purchase a nice rock of crack!)"

Careful with that one a lot of the crackheads like to sell a chunk of soap. Your better off hitting up the triangle than the crackstreets of E Colfax. Also there is a store close by the triangle that offers glass and already cut brillow for dirt cheap. Just ask the local crackheads where.

And as already mentioned get your Honduran Black Tar at the river on Speer and Fax.

Or your gundpowder Heroin all along federal from the Mexicans (northsiders)

Or better than Hondo tar heroin from (the same dudes that sold your bud to you) (the bud is a front ...shh) This is the gangsta gangsta heroin... just ask for Black.

Or your Meth can be found from nearly anyone in the downtown area that is acting tweeked out of their mind. These guys have trouble standing in one spot to slang their product.

Not sure how I know all this.

And since DPD installed 40K in cameras in civic center it put a major damper on drug sales. It appears for the most part the cops have won civic center park back.

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