Cannabis Time Capsule, 1877: Amateur Philly pharmacist gives away "hasheesh" treatments

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Here's an old Cannabis Time Capsule we've dug up from nearly 136 years.

It appeared in the now-defunct Colorado Banner newspaper out of Boulder.

This December 13, 1877 brief details the schemes of a Philadelphia snake-oil salesman hooking unsuspecting victims on the opium-like wonders of hashish!

Cue scary music.

Apparently this wily S.O.B. and his assistants were scamming people through the mail by placing ads in newspapers promising a free remedy for people with consumption -- an old-timey word for tuberculosis. The only catch was that you couldn't find out what was in the tincture unless you sent $3 -- equal to about $60 by today's standards.

The article says the man's office was littered with letters full of money, adding that he was paying two women to stuff envelopes for him. Crafty.

But the real wickedness, according to the author, involved what was being sent out of the office: "hasheesh"!

Clearly, cannabis use is nothing close to opium addiction -- but did the home chemist in Philly maybe have something to his medicine?

Some studies have shown that cannabis extracts can be used to fight off drug-resistant bacteria and was studied as recently as the 1950s as a TB treatment. With what little science we have about it now, there's likely no way that the "swindler" would have had any proof of his claims, but he could have truly been onto something even if his motives were less-than-pure.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 Traffic stops in western Colorado turn up 85 pounds of marijuana worth $225,000

GRAND JUNCTION — Deputies who stopped two vehicles traveling together in western Colorado say a search turned up about 85 pounds of marijuana with a street value of about $225,000.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports two deputies with the Western Colorado Drug Task Force pulled the vehicles over on Interstate 70 on Thursday afternoon and arrested 41-year-old Herbert Palacios and 54-year-old Daniel Dove, both of Illinois.

Both men were jailed on suspicion of traffic violations and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

The drug task force is a partnership between the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the Grand Junction Police Department.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

With what little science we have about it now, there's likely no way that the "swindler" would have had any proof of his claims.

... hasn't stopped the modern-day Amateur Dispensary Pharmacists and Pot Propaganda Pimps from fabricating and promoting COPIOUS LIES and ABSURD CLAIMS about marijuana, many of which are regurgitated here in Westweed.

Same Lies and Snake Oil, Different Century.

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