Cannabis Time Capsule, 1923: "Drugs, Drugs, Who's Smuggling Drugs?"

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Think the U.S. enforcing our drug laws abroad is a relatively new thing?

Think again.

According to this gem we dug up from the February 2, 1923 Akron Weekly Pioneer Press, we've been meddling in other countries' drug affairs for more than ninety years.

The article quotes "Colonel Forrer," a thirty-year veteran "government revenue expert" who was heading out on a drug-finding mission to some of the "principal ports of Europe suspected of being the main points of origin for the bulk of illicit narcotics."

Who was responsible for bringing drugs into the United States back in the roaring '20s? It was (you guessed it!) Mexico!

Oh, along with Germany, Italy and Spain.

We did a little bit of digging and found out that Colonel Forrer is Colonel O.G. Forrer (yes, O.G.), administrative assistant to the Narcotic Division of the Treasury Department -- the pre-DEA DEA.

Forrer's mission was also to include sniffing out just who was making money off of all of these drugs --because (like now) if it wasn't Uncle Sam, then it wasn't going to be tolerated.

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Clayton Capra
Clayton Capra

You have no idea what you're talking about. You act like there's a flock of people who haven't smoked pot that all of a sudden will just go out and do it because it's legal. All that's going to happen is that people that do use it can go buy it, legally. You preach like you know what you're talking about, you don't. You're a heretic looking to scare people the way you have for decades. You think people that smoke pot are dumb? Well they're not dumb enough to believe your bullshit any longer. Go live in the south where people still bury their heads in the sand. Moron.

Don Johnson
Don Johnson

GOODBYE COLORADO! After 40 wonderful years of enjoying this magnificent state, from Mount Elbert’s 14,433 foot peak, to the Arkansas rivers 3315 foot elevation at the Kansa border, 14,600 days of sublime beauty, magnificent mountains and forests filled with wildlife, that offer spellbinding skiing, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, crystal clear lakes, rivers, and streams, endless prairies and plains, limitless fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and the freshest air in the country, it is with great sadness and dismay that I bid you farewell dear Colorado, as you go to pot! As you turn your back to the unsuspecting citizens and voters of this once great state, who never believed for a second that there were enough “potheads” to pass Amendment 64. The shock has still yet to sink in as the majority of the populace has no idea what’s in store for them. Fortunately, 70% of Coloradans have had no reason to concern themselves with the wrath and depravity of the drug and alcohol culture that is quickly growing out of control all around them. But that’s about to change! There are just a few hours left before doomsday begins in Colorful Colorado. Before you turn from your majestic splendor, into the drug capital of the United States! It will be interesting to see how long it will take Denver to become just another Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, where crime and drugs run rampant. Or how long before Colorado turns from being a great place to raise children, to being the equivalent of raising them in hell. The out of control drug and alcohol use and abuse in this country has been slowly but methodically rotting away at its moral core for decades, but at midnight tonight the devil takes a giant step forward, and mankind and morality take one giant step backwards! The potheads, stoners, drug dealers, drug lords, even the Cartel from beyond our borders have won a major victory over the naivety of the general public who typically ignore and turn a blind eye to an already out of control and disgraceful epidemic of social blight. Colorado, as well as the rest of the country has ignored the escalating problem of drug and alcohol use and abuse over the past few decades, and the consequences it creates. Every taxpaying citizen pays a huge penalty directly and indirectly because of the drug and alcohol epidemic in this country. The average Coloradan or American citizen doesn’t get into the Cities very often where the numbers of homelessness have skyrocketed recently. If you live here you see thousands of homeless people every day scattered around as you travel. What we don’t see, but have to realize exists, are the additional thousands who are in the alleys, hospitals, day shelters, jail or prison, or dead! Most of these people, yes, they are people, would trade their last dollar for a joint or a beer! Because they live in a state and a country, that has been ignoring their plight for decades! Addiction recovery programs in this country are a complete failure. My dear fellow Coloradan, you can rest assured that starting at midnight, tonight, 2014, the numbers of these unfortunate human beings will be rising dramatically in the near future! You can rest assured that all the associated costs to address this problem will be rising dramatically in the near future! You can rest assured that the children in Colorado with the increased exposure, availability and consequent temptation to try or experiment with it, if they haven’t already done so, this “legalized” “gateway” drug, they will be doing so in the near future! If you think drugs have already been an issue in our schools, you haven’t seen anything yet! You can also rest assured that marijuana “is” a “gateway” drug to more addictive, powerful, even deadly drugs, just as a beer is a “gateway” to stronger alcohol for the alcoholic! Goodbye Colorado as I’ve known you for 40 years of good times. Hello depravity!

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