Photos: Top ten signs a cold snap has lasted too long

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Big photos below.
Today, we should finally start getting out of the deep freeze: The high temperature is expected to be in the twenties, which sounds downright steamy compared to the -15 degrees of a few days ago. Still, the unseasonably low temps have stuck around for the better part of a week, and we've been seeing unmistakable indications that the cold stretch has overstayed its welcome. Have you noticed them, too? Look below to check out our top ten signs a cold snap has lasted too long.

Number 10:

You've got a constant wet spot on the front of your shirt from your beard defrosting.

Number 9:
You watch the entire run of Breaking Bad in three days, then decide to start it again from the beginning.

Continue to keep counting down the top ten ways to prove a cold wave has gone on for too long.

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Marc LaDoucieur
Marc LaDoucieur

Original snow is still packed on neighborhood streets.


I guess this makes sense for all the trust fund twenty somethings who don't have to leave their houses to go to work.


#11. Californians (and Texans) move out.

#12. Westword is reduced to click-bait slideshows for content.

Dan Ruisi
Dan Ruisi

I don't know if you guys have done enough top ten lists, can you do some maybe tomorrow, or the day after that or the day after that?

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Actually #11 should be:

Texans move to Denver because Denver knows how to deal with stuff.

(Says the Texan who has been without heat or light.)

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