Male model or accused child kidnapper?: See November's most memorable mug shots

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Big photos below.
Truth be told, most mug shots don't capture their subjects at their best. But somehow, John Snorsky looks ready for a male-modeling gig in his booking photo. Too bad he was busted for allegedly kidnapping a child from her bedroom window.

This pic is only one of the most memorable mugs from November.

Check out all fifteen below, and be sure to click on their names or the accompanying links to see our original coverage.

Robert Lee Larsen.
Read more in "Robert Lee Larsen's drunken, face-smashing crime spree lands schmucky pal in jail, too."

Brandon Campbell.
Read more in "Brandon Campbell burglarized homes while wearing GPS ankle monitor: Genius!"

William Campbell.
Read more in "William Campbell allegedly scalped Broncos tickets for over face value that weren't even real."

Continue to see more of November's most memorable mug shots.

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Billy Binford
Billy Binford

Look at that fuckin shirt! Just screaming Chomo!


Is Wastword really going to engage in the same perverse voyeurism of Perp Walking that the other lame Village Voice franchises engage it?

Have you no shame?

Hey Mikey, why not re-run your Ugliest Whores on Colfax piece ... it was such a hit last time.

Chris Stallings
Chris Stallings

i knew this guy was a shit bag when i meet him at substop his art blows dick too

Jenny Castaneda
Jenny Castaneda

What did he even model for lmao... on Facebook everyone is a model

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