Jamie Strickland's attempted suicide by cop: "If they don't f*cking shoot me, I'll stab them"

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Over the years, we've written on numerous occasions about suicide-by-cop incidents, in which an individual who wants to die apparently tries to goad police officers into ending his life for him. Yet few situations seem as clear-cut as one involving Jamie Strickland, whose 911 call includes the line, "If they don't fucking shoot me, I'll stab them in the goddamn eyeball."

Strickland survived, and Denver's DA has found the shooting justified. Details and the complete decision letter below.

At about 9 a.m. on November 8, according to the decision letter, Strickland, 57, made some startling statements to the emergency dispatcher.

"I have violated my probation -- been shooting meth for days," he's quoted as saying. "My name is Jamie Lynn Strickland. I have a butcher knife and I want police to come and shoot me. My front door is unlocked. If they don't fucking shoot me, I'll stab them in the goddamn eyeball.... I want to die."

Shortly thereafter, Denver police officers were dispatched to Strickland's apartment, at 1211 South Quebec Way, an area captured in the interactive graphic below. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Given the announcement above, the cops were very well aware of the situation upon their arrival -- and Strickland reiterated it when officers engaged him in conversation and asked him to drop the knife. "I want you to shoot me," he allegedly said. "I don't want to come out. You're going to have to shoot me."

Shortly thereafter, Officer Jesse Campion told investigators afterward, supervisors told the responding cops to enter the apartment, and they did so on two separate occasions. The first time around, Campion, who saw Strickland moving toward him in what's described as a "deliberate" manner with a knife in one hand, fired a rubber bullet. But although the round struck Strickland, it didn't make him drop the blade -- and neither did a Taser that was also discharged over the course of the exchange.

After entry number two, another cop, Lieutenant Vincent Gavito, was immediately engaged by Strickland. "The guy takes a knife...swinging at the lieutenant," Campion is quoted as saying. "He's swinging at the lieutenant and trying to kill him with the knife."

At that point, Campion was still holding the gun that had shot the rubber bullet. However, Officer Dan McIntosh was providing what's termed "lethal cover," and after Gavito shoved Strickland away with a chair and went for his own weapon, he opened fire. Strickland was hit in the chest.

Continue for more about the shooting of Jamie Strickland, including the complete decision letter finding the incident justifiable.

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I guess leaving him the fck alone until he had come down from his high wasn't an option, because he obviously posed a huge risk to his neighbors sitting in his home and making asinine phonecalls


Can we please stop justifying murder by cop already? Anyone who has been involved with mentally ill people know that 99% of the time statements like the ones this person made are total BS. Anyone who knows anything about suicidal people know that this is a 'cry for help' and rarely an ACTUAL threat to the police. I hate to break it to all the authoritarian sickos out there but we are not he only country that has suicidal people amongst the population yet these other countries don't have their police go around MURDERING people because they made an obvious stupid statement....They use less than lethal force if necessary and find the person some help. In the USA, we send in some steroid ridden SWAT team to handle the situation and someone ALWAYS ends up getting shot....Police WANT to shoot people and are always looking for an excuse.....I was a bartender for a long time and used to have to listen to these psychos brag night after night about hurting people....You should have heard the 'pride' they took in describing beat downs and assaults on un-armed people...Pretty disgusting......

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