Top Latest Word posts of 2013, No. 10: Jankiest marijuana pipe photos

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Big photos below.
Editor's note: We're counting down the most popular Latest Word posts of 2013. This one came in at No. 10. Read it as originally published.

December 16, 2011: A few weeks back, we asked our fine Mile Highs and Lows readers to submit pictures of the most ghettofied smoking devices they own. The winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it), gets a shiny, new Silver Surfer Vaporizer. We didn't just want the typical apple pipes, aluminum can pipes and two-liter bong setups, and you all came through.

The response was great, and as you can see below, some people have put more effort into fixing their pipe than into coming up with the $20 or so that it would take to replace it. Below, check out our countdown to the winner. All you runners-up are just going to have to smoke joints in the meantime, so we're sending you all out a few DoobToobs as consolation prizes so you can keep your paper planes safe in a hangar.

Mic check, 4, 2, 0....
9. Microphone Pipe
This one took home the most creative pipe award by far -- but style alone wasn't going to win the contest. I imagine this pipe was made out of necessity on the road but has remained in use due to its stealthiness in states where medicating before rocking the fuck out is frowned upon. Or maybe it was the lead singer of a stoner band who got tired of waiting until he was backstage during a set break to smoke a bowl. Whoever made this, feel free to bring it to the next Westword music showcase and meet me backstage.

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