Jesse Plouvier accused of running over, killing accident victim he initially stopped to help

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Big photos below.
Vehicular homicide allegations don't get much more bizarre than the one aimed at 21-year-old Jess Plouvier.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office believes Plouvier is responsible for the death of Ian Saj, 33. However, a separate accident involving Saj and two friends preceded the fatal one -- and it appears that Plouvier initially pulled over and offered to help before an altercation spiraled into tragedy. Get the specifics of this tangled tale below.

According to the EPCSO, the tragedy in question took place during the early morning hours of December 8 on Highway 115 near Glenrock Drive, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Along that stretch, a car occupied by three people -- Saj and Randy Hardin among them -- slid off the roadway and overturned. At that time, none of the occupants was badly hurt, and they were able to scale the embankment, return to the highway and attempt to flag down passing vehicles.

Before long, Plouvier stopped -- and CBS4 reports that he seemingly did so with the intention of assisting the men. But something went wrong, with Plouvier and Hardin reportedly getting into what the EPCSO describes as a "physical altercation."

In the end, Plouvier refused to give the men a ride and drove off, leaving the trio to try and find someone else more willing to give aid. But instead, Saj was hit and killed by a car that soon vanished.

Here's a photo of Saj, a Brush resident, from his Facebook page, which has become a de facto memorial for him...

...and here's a shot of Hardin and Saj together, taken the day before the latter's death:

Our condolences to Saj's friends, family and loved ones.

So how did attention for the hit-and-run turn back to Plouvier?

Continue for more about the death of Ian Saj, including additional photos.


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Cara Louise
Cara Louise

Is this a satire paper? Why would you ever report something so tragic with such a lack of sincerity.

Jason Garrison
Jason Garrison

Some people prefer to look at pics then to actually read the story


and one thing you have messed up in this article is, he had to turn around and double back SO HE COULD get home. He lives in florence... not springs. Shouldn't be hard to figure out. 


Psychological issues? He was a Bills fan because he was dedicated to the city he was born and raised in. He was a great father to me, my brother, and sister. He was murdered because people don't know how to handle their temper. Yet someone sits and jail and no one calls him a psycho ! i hope he stays in jail. Let Ian RIP. I love u Ian.. People need to know Ian had more of a heart to give to even strangers than anyone i ever knew! 


Anthony Siraguse
Anthony Siraguse

Looks like he's a bills fan, obviously has some psychological issues


@nenasangel2008  Sweetheart don't listen to any of these people's insensitive comments!!!  If they knew Ian they would be grieving too :(  I have known Ian just about my whole life and he has always been the most wonderful person.  I feel lost without him; he holds a very large piece of my heart.  I am very sorry for you and your family's loss.  People on these blogs make rude comments hiding behind their computers.  If any of these fucks wants to stop hiding and wants to come to Buffalo and say their rude, insensitive comments to my face, by all means.  Then they can find out what a real psycho looks like as I teach them some manners like only say nice things or watch me make you bite your tongue off and be careful what you say and in front of who you say it because you may end up swallowing your teeth.  


@nenasangel2008 Jesse has nothing even close to a temper. He is one of the most passive guys I've EVER known. He avoids conflict at all cost, which is why he sped away in fear of his life. You should learn the definition of empathy Nena. It's tragic a life had to be lost, but you are not making a good case.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


HipTip: if you're drunk and crash your car in the middle of nowhere, don't get belligerent and start a fight with the Good Samaritan who stops to give you a ride.



@Tanner @nenasangel2008 No temper? Sped away in fear?  If he had no temper he would not have gotten into a fight in the first place...nor would he have returned to drive across traffic lanes to run over and Murder Ian.  Premeditated vehicular manslaughter... Jesse drove away and could have been done with it, but he made a plan in his head to drive back and run them down with his vehicle murdering one of them, A LOVE of MY LIFE, a love of many Ian Saj.  A life was not lost as if misplaced and will be found again and it is more than tragic that this situation occurred because Jesse made the choices he did that have led to Jesse becoming a murderer.  If Jesse is your friend then you should accept the fact your friend does have a temper and the fact is you may not have ever seen it.  I am sorry but no passive person, afraid for their life are going to drive back to the scene of a fight and run over and murder a person with their vehicle. You sir are the one who is not making a good case.  


@DonkeyHotay  Hot Tips You Insensitive Asshole:  Ian wasn't the driver and did not crash the vehicle; Ian did not start, but rather stopped the fight between the two other men; just because you stop at an accident does not make you a good Samaritan;  you certainly are not a good Samaritan if you decide to turn your car around and kill someone by running them over.  

  Did you read the comment you so insensitively replied to?  She is his daughter and she is grieving.  Ian took care of her and her brother and sister even though he was not biologically related and even though he and the children' mother were no longer together and he was in a new relationship.  Ian has always been one of the kindest, friendliest, always willing to help people that you or anyone would ever meet and his life was taken from him by a young man who clearly was not thinking or acting in a right state of mind when he Chose to turn around his vehicle and Chose drive at and over Ian Saj killing him; which destroyed the lives and hearts of many on both side of this.  Jesse made the Choice to come back, chose to drive across lanes of traffic at these men and in doing so he chose to become a Murderer and he deserves the fate of his choices; which I hope is life in jail.  In a Just world Jesse's punishment should be the same as the fate Ian met; Jesse should be struck and run over until dead.  

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