Video: Here's why Sports Illustrated says Peyton Manning is Sportsman of the Year

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Video below.
The timing of Sports Illustrated's announcement of Peyton Manning as the venerable mag's Sportsman of the Year isn't great. After all, the Broncos' most recent game was a crushing home defeat at the hands of the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night. But there's no doubt that Manning is deserving of the honor. That he's been able to put up the best numbers of his Hall of Fame career in his sixteenth season, following multiple neck surgeries, is flat-out remarkable, as is spelled out in the article as well as an accompanying SI video. Check it out below.

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

Even the prosecution acknowledged they didn't have much a case due to lack of evidence and the alleged victim's refusal to cooperate. For someone who supposedly took a pre-law path, you demonstrate to be woefully ignorant of the law.

Chas Bilbery
Chas Bilbery

At least he is not a rapist/Heisman Trophy winner.

Blazar Seeda
Blazar Seeda

Now I know why we lost last week. S I Cover curse!!!

Kim Davison
Kim Davison

Oh Oh! The SI curse. Thank's a lot Sports Illustrated. :(

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