Photos: Ten lowest Denver temperatures in December -- and where today's -15 lands

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Big photos below.
At 5:53 a.m. this morning, according to the National Weather Service, the air temperature in Denver sank to -15 Fahrenheit. No denying that's an incredibly bone-chilling number. But if you think it's an all-time low for Denver in December, think again. The number actually ties the record for this date, and barely makes it into the top ten for coldest December days in December according to NWS data.

Look below to see our photo-illustrated countdown of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in Denver during December.

Number 10:

December 7, 2005, December 11, 1932, December 17, 1909: -13
Number 9:

December 8, 1919: -14

Continue to keep counting down the ten lowest Denver temperatures recorded in December.

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Article should have been presented as a single-page table, skipping the irrelevant photos and extraneous page hits in the process...


Every single date -- in December. So this bitter cold should come as no surprise. There is always a bitter deep freeze in December. We'll be back to the 30s and sunshine in due course.

Jack Power
Jack Power

Not a great time to go streaking

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