Photos: Ten trade-offs to true love from a top Denver matchmaker

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If you think matchmakers are outmoded in the age of dating websites, think again. Michele Fields of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is marking her 25th year of bringing people together the old-fashioned way.

We asked Fields to offer some advice for those looking to find that perfect someone, and she came through with the following photo-illustrated list, which she entitles, "Ten Trade-offs to Capture the Love You Seek." Count down her tips below, and click here to visit her website.

Number 10: They've never been married before even though they've been in long-term relationships

"There are lots of reasons one does not get married. Not the least of which is they just plain haven't met the right person. Don't count them out, maybe they wanted to marry someone and that person declined. Maybe they were working their way up in business and/or travelling a lot so as not to have the time to cultivate a relationship. Don't count them out based on that.... It's better than having multiple divorces behind them!"

Number 9: You're a fanatic about perfect grammar and they are less articulate than you see yourself with

"These days even news anchors speak poor English. The announcers for sports events have awful English and all of these people have done alright for themselves. If the person is open to it you can delicately suggest other ways of saying something that is more grammatically correct. They may change if they have any ambition in life and want to impress you."

Continue to keep counting down Michele Fields' ten trade-offs to true love.

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Clara Madrid
Clara Madrid

These 10 excuses show how shallow people are. My friends are just like this and their beds are empty. Guess that's how they want it but they will wake up old and alone someday.

Justin Adams
Justin Adams

Are people really this shallow that they need this article?? Ugh....


Amanda,  Sometimes people have to be reminded of the obvious...
if you keep dating the same type of person and it's not working it's time to review your criteria and perhaps loosen up on some things.  Nobody is saying you should settle, just be realistic and reasonable.

Vicky Nokes
Vicky Nokes

Amanda - I think her point was to give someone a chance that at first you might not have; i.e. date someone outside your normal comfort zone, because they may actually be the right one for you.

Amanda McGregor
Amanda McGregor

This is just silly. This is basically a list if reasons why someone should just settle. You're single? Oh, you should just accept the first person who doesn't totally reject you because it's better to be with some dumb, dumpy prude than to have standards. No one wants to die alone. Here's some dating advice: find someone who you are attracted to that's attracted to you, and if you are compatible then date them, but if not keep looking because tolerating someone for the rest of your life is not the same as finding the person that makes you feel whole.

Merréll Barry O'Brian
Merréll Barry O'Brian

GREAT! Something I can comment on and not be totally off topic. GWM, 49, great writer, decent oil painter, looking for GWM, or GHM, 35-52 for marriage. God! It feels so awesome to be able to write that and have it already a reality in all 50 states! Masculine, fiscally stable, looking to relocate to Denver or NW come May 2014. Gives us time to get to know each other.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Hip Financial Tip: if it Flies, Floats or Fucks; RENT it.


Ryan Keys
Ryan Keys

Miguel Siguenza is looking for single co women lol


Breaking News ...58 yr Blonde Cougar in Denver is lonely ...

Do you know this woman on   ..Plenty of Fish ..

She claims to be a pilot for Doctors Without Borders ..and she wants 9 inches or more for Christmas.


Anyone know this face?


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