Meet the winners of the 2013 Westword Web Awards

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Nominees and friends packed into Galvanize on December 5 for the 2013 Westword Web Awards, Westword's annual celebration of the most interesting Denverites on the Internet. With MC Jordan Doll at the helm, we handed out 21 awards across four categories, from the Best Music Video to the Best Politician on Social Media, all chosen by our readers, plus one special achievement award.

Read on for a full list of the winners and nominees.

Best Local Music Act on Social Media: Wheelchair Sports Camp
Nominees: Joy Subtraction, Magic Cyclops, Sole, Mane Rok

Best Band Website: Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Nominees: FaceMan, My Body Sings Electric, Pretty Lights, The Yawpers

Best Club or Venue on Social Media: The Ogden Theatre
Nominees: Beta, Vinyl, Summit Music Hall, The Fox Theatre

Best Music Video: The Royal -- "Creatures of the Night"
Nominees: Bop Skizzum - "Do Me Like That"; Ian Cooke - "Cassowary and Fruit Bat"; Foxfield Four - "Money"; Manufactured Superstars - "Zombies in Love"

Best Artist on Social Media: Andrew Novick
Nominees: Mario Zoots, Adam Milner, Alex Fiedler, Denver Streetheart

Continue for more nominees and winners of the 2013 Westword Web Awards.

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Emma Schneidkraut
Emma Schneidkraut

With the proliferation of fancy bartenders and mixologists, cocktologist is by far my favorite moniker! Glad someone's using it.

Anika Zappe
Anika Zappe

The name is intended to give the people something to giggle about. Almost as important as a "mixologist", or a "bar chef" I hate having to explain that. Maybe the jokes not very good. Any hoo, thanks Westword and voting peoples, for the honor.

Justin Rodgers
Justin Rodgers

A cocktologist is just one t away from being something completely different.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Best Wasteword Commenter: Denverdiner

Nominees: Mark897, maxplanck, foodcrazy, Dave Barnes

WTF? ... not even a nomination??

Hey Rube!


Do more of this. More awards, more award parties, more Westword. Actually, y'all already work hard enough, but it's always a blast. 

Rachel Diane
Rachel Diane

The awards were a blast!!! Thanks Westword!

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